Making His Return on 1/3/2013 Is...

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. As seen on last episode of IMPACT WRESTLING:

    It's showtime, Devon! I want my bat back!
  2. I love him but yawn, seriously how often do we need this?
  3. To dispel any Sting to WWE rumours.
  4. Pretty much this.
    I don't think we need a return vignette tbh.
  5. What happened to him kayfabe wise? Did A&8s put his ass down?
  6. DOC (Luke Gallows) beat him to "death" with a ball-peen hammer. I think it was his "patching in"
  7. Re: RE: Making His Return on 1/3/2013 Is...

    Now it's time for sting to end the stable.... Original shit TNA
  8. He's only been gone a month ....
  9. Fuck me, i was hoping for anything new. I would have taken a new Knockout over sting returning. Fuck.
  10. You ingrates remind me of this:


    Sting is the man. F you all. Hope he rips off Devons head and shits down his neck (no offense Testify)
  11. Stinng vs. Devonn II - Genesis semi main event - Sting's bat and soul on a pole match!
  12. Re: RE: Making His Return on 1/3/2013 Is...

    Yeah Sting is great and i'll mark the fuck out when he enters the arena as I did when he beat Jeff for the title but why must every stable end with him laying them out?
  13. True that Seabs, Sting is one my favs in this damn industry, but it seems that every faction ends up in a war against the Stinger, lol. Lethal Lockdown in San Antonio should settle the feud on March 10th, I guess. Sting will I believe be the captain of Team TNA.
  14. At last. I want to see him main eventing again.
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