Making of RAW 1000th

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  1. An interesting video clip ive found of the Making of RAW 1000th. And look my man Brock looking jacked arriving to the arena at 1:21 and also I laughed at CM Punk waving like an idiot to the camera at 1:34. Check out the clip it really shows how much work goes into making a tv show like Raw

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  2. Awesome video, thanks for posting this.
  3. Nice Video.
  4. awesome, its nice to see the wrestlers as normal people out of character
  5. Nice video. Video is better than watching that RAW.
  6. Happy Punk, a rare sight apparently.
  7. Thanks for the nice comments I think this is a first for one of my threads

    Its actually funny seeing everyone being buddies and just chilling backstage

    Im gutted Barbie wasent on Raw 1000th as she was supposed to be on that show as she travelled to that arena and it was her first show back from her 2 month break but time issues happened and her part got cut
  8. Finally a good thread..
  9. They should have a making of the Raw 1001 video when the stage caught fire :haha:
  10. Great video..
  11. That actually was an epic fire I think deep down Vince was probably loving this as he overexposed it with all those clips throughout Raw showing it
  12. really brilliant video! LOL
  13. 1:31
    DAMN! Hello
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