Malala Yousafzai

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  1. I've recently been watching her interviews, and hearing about her story. This young lady stood up against everything for the sake of education. The Taliban go on her bus on her way to school and asked "Who is MALALA?" and then they shot her in the face. She survived, and was the youngest person ever nominated for the Nobel peace prize. When asked what she would tell her attackers, she said, You can shoot me, but listen to me first. I want education for your sons and daughters. Now I have spoken, so do whatever you want.”

    Such an inspiration
  2. DUDE! i just got in on this also. I've (unfortunately) spent the last 2-3 days on the EAR/ONS person, but plan on checking out her full story tomorrow or monday daytime. Honestly i couldnt imagine being how she is, i dont even know how awesome people like her exist.

    Her quote about what she thought about with the talib piece of shit who wanted to kill her was just amazing. People like her are one in a million, and she makes me believe in destiny and kharma and other things honestly. How many other young females have been simply killed/silenced from being able to speak about what she is speaking of? She got shot in the face and still can smile/have a positive attitude. I dare you to put yourself in her position and not tell me you would want to fuck some people up if/when you ever got decent. She is a hero, no exaggeration there.
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  3. Check out the 20/20 show on her from last night. I pride myself on being pretty strong emotionally, but I had a tear in my eye.
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  4. oh shit im gonna cry. Dude reading her shit on that bus incident made me choke up for sure. I cant imagine staring someone in the face with pity/love as they shoot me with a gun. Parents can only dream of having an amazing person such as this.
  5. Shot her point blank range, in the face. She woke up in the hospital and was terrified. When she woke up, she said she thought two things "How is my family going to pay for this, where is my dad" And "why isn't my dad here, the taliban killed him" Listen to her united nation speech too. She gets a standing ovation and not many dry eyes in the house.
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