Malcolm X

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. Eeyup, the man in my profile picture, and former member of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X. I've been studying him lately and have been listening to a good amount of his speeches and he really interested me. From the start of his life he lost his Christian and proud black man of a father. His own mother went into a crazy state and had to be put in a mental hospital. He was very very talented in school, but once again(as many times before) in his life, the racist ways of man at the time told him he couldn't be anything smart, only work with his hands. He went into drugs, pimping, and so much more trouble and went into jail. In jail he converted into a Muslim, and then later joined the Nation of Islam. Elijah Muhammad, who was a leader in the Nation of Islam formed Malcolm X into someone strong, someone powerful, or even to quote Public Enemy, "a man who would never break under pressure."

    Malcolm was a firm man, who believed that a man should always provide for his family. He said it, that anybody can make a baby, anybody can find a women, but it takes a father to raise that baby, it takes a husband to love that wife, it takes a man to support them. Malcolm owned a gun, he knew what he had to do if he wanted to keep his family safe, which I completely understand, since at the time black people were living in the wrong neighborhoods, and he has had lots of troubles in the past. Malcolm was an intelligent man, he knew history, black history and was aware of the times at hand. He knew about the street talk, and refused to use the word "nigga", instead going by proper terms and calling the African Americans his fellows Negros.

    Not all men are perfect, with all these find features he had, even in appearance he was tall, slim, and had a strong face, but with the combination of everything that had went wrong with his life, and the Nation of Islam, Malcolm had a deep hatred for white people, he called them "blue eyed devils". His faith though, the Muslim faith, is the one thing that helped open his eyes. Malcolm after Malcolm had finished his Hajj, he went through a lot. He saw men, not just his fellow black men, but white men as well. The men he grew to hate, the "blue eyed demons", worshiping his God, their God. This opened his eyes, that not just black people should be treated great, but humans, all humans, black, white, Mexican, Asian, all of us, should be equal.

    Returning to the USA he changed his views, it wasn't about making a movement for blacks or whites, but America as a whole. To bring equality to us all. He worked with Civil Rights movement leaders, and studied everything much deeper now, to form opinions of his own. Before leaving for his Hajj, he left the Nation of Islam since he could see things were wrong there. Many times the Nation of Islam tried to kill Malcolm, and on February 21, 1965 Malcolm was killed, not by the white man, but his fellow black man.

    Yes Malcolm has had much trouble in the past, but at the end of his life his eyes were opened, trying to make equality for his fellow man. While this form of equality only lasted one year, it was better to have one year of this, then to have a full lifetime of his hatred towards white people. Wanted to make this thread since I have been studying Malcolm X for a couple of days now, and wanted to share this with everyone. That's all.
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