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  2. And this is why parents should smack their kids every once in awhile when they deserve it.

    I would of put that kid in a fucking Ankle lock
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  3. I am old fashioned. If a kid talks or act like this with me, I will put them in their place be it a back hand or a belt to the ass.
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  4. I would piledrive that twat on concrete
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  5. Adam's wrestling training has paid off. Character, promo chops, selling, and mat control-- he's got it all.
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  6. Adam would kill that kid, if they tangled in the squared circle.
  7. I totally agree.

    Not just any Piledriver, Package or Flip Piledriver would do it.
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  8. By hitting the kid you are teaching him that it is the correct way to deal with the problem. I've gone through more of this than I ever really care to. If the mother had done her job correctly in the first place it would be very unlikely that the child would be acting like this. Someone, either her or the father, would have had to reinforce this behavior in the past or the kid wouldn't be behaving this way. I've seen it a million times.

    In fact, in this video, the mom is handling the situation incorrectly. This spoiled kid is throwing a tantrum and children throwing tantrums want attention. He wants something and feels that acting in this way will cause his mother to give in because she obviously doesn't want him behaving this way. Although the mom is not giving in, she is addressing the situation by giving his tantrum attention. The boy's tantrum is being positively reinforced.

    The proper thing for her to do would be to not acknowledge the tantrum or take the boy home. As a child who was spanked, I can pretty much guarantee that hitting me did not solve the problem. I just waited until I got older and bigger than my dad and then hit him the fuck back. It breeds resentment and is lazy parenting.
  9. But the kid is already kitting and kicking the mom. Which A. You should never hit your mother and B. You should never hit a girl. If I did either of those things as a kid my dad would give me a nice clean smack upside the head. It doesn't have to be hard, and it definitely doesn't have to be abusive. What is does is it shows authority so you learn respect. You think twice before you act like a brat again because you don't wanna get whacked lol. Thats how it was in my case anyways, everyones different obviously.
  10. I have never once seen corporal punishment work in the way that you are claiming here. Fear of being hit does not deter children from engaging in behavior that caused the hitting or spanking. In fact, it has been quite clearly demonstrated that children of parents who practice corporal punishment tend to end up being more unruly and more involved in eventual criminal behavior. Children become used to corporal punishment and will often readily take the spanking because the benefit of the negative behavior to them is worth the spanking. I've interviewed many unruly children in my practice who have directly told me this.

    Being spanked will not keep this child from behaving this way. The mother was grabbing the kid and pulling him to the ground. More physical contact would have had no effect.

    I appreciate that it seemed to work for you, but on a large scale basis corporal punishment has shown to be very ineffective.
  11. And please keep in mind, I am not making the argument that corporal punishment is child abuse. That is not what I am arguing. I am just arguing that it is mostly ineffective.
  12. Well depending on the behavior, theres more to be done with the punishment. The "spanking" is kind of just the first initial punishment received just to get the kid to stop and shut the hell up and realize that he's in deep shit. Then the long term punishment happens which is stuff like taking his toys away, making them go to there room, or stand in a corner, or go to bed early, or ground them or whatever the parents see fit.
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    Well we're probably not going to convince each other here because I certainly disagree. I haven't seen it work that way. More often than not spanking a child, especially in a situation like the one shown here, just makes the child behave worse. Spanking the boy in this video would not have shut him up. He would have gotten worse. He had no respect or fear of his mom and if she spanked him, he would have just hit back.

    But I don't want to argue back and forth, I'll just respectfully disagree. But even though we likely won't agree on the appropriate punishment, I think it's obvious that lack of punishment of some sort is why the boy is acting this way.
  14. But if lack of punishment of some sort is the reason why he is acting like that, then would not acknowledging him or taking him home be effective?
  15. Lack of punishment earlier in the child's development is what I meant. Once a child gets to the point that this child is at,things have to be done differently. If this mother would have consistently punished past behavior appropriately, it would be unlikely the child would be acting this way. Since the child is acting this way, then different measures have to be taken. This child is making a scene in a public place to get what he wants. He has learned through his development that making a scene will embarrass his mom in public and she likely has given into him in the past enough times to reinforce this behavior. At this point, by not acknowledging him, she would be taking away the one thing he is using to try and get what he wants: causing a scene. Spanking him in public is still causing a scene and plays precisely into what he is trying t do. If she spanked him,he would likely start screaming and continuing to do exactly what he is already doing. If she doesn't give in to him on a consistent basis when he throws his tantrums, he will learn that they are ineffective. Also, by removing him from the situation by taking him home, she is showing him again that his tantrums will not result in him getting what he wants.

    I am not defending this annoying brat's behavior, but the child was not born this way. The child developed these habits through bad parenting. Simply hitting him in public is not going to force this child to behave because he is still accomplishing his goal of embarrassing his mom in public in hopes that she will give him what he wants just to shut him up.

    So when I said lack of punishment, I meant in the child's upbringing, not in this setting. This child is way past the point where a punishment administered to him in a store is going to make a whole lot of difference.
  16. To be fair, I grew up with the system of misbehaving meant punishment. I am one of the few people my age who will not back talk my parents or cuss them out, and would NEVER hit them. It depends on the situation. I understand what you mean Jacob but I have seen both sides of it. Sometimes it works best to give a kid a firm belt to the ass. You obviously don't punch your children or beat them half to death. That is not what I was getting at.

    And Yes, the mother obviously was reinforcing the behavior because he would have never acted like this to begin with. I do agree with that. Maybe the mother needs a belt to the ass. lolol (I am joking here!!)
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