News Man does own "Super Size Me" and loses nearly 40 pounds!

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    Contrary to popular belief, following a diet of exclusively fast food does not necessarily lead to weight gain, as one man recently discovered.

    John Cisna, a high school biology teacher from Ankeny, Iowa, told KCCI that he documented the changes his body underwent throughout the three months that he ate nothing but McDonald's - with very surprising results.

    Rather than his body deteriorating like the star of 2004 documentary Super Size Me, Mr Cisna lost an impressive 37lbs and saw his cholesterol drop from 249 to 170, improving his health significantly.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Interesting stuff. But then again, 2000 calories is like 4 burgers which isn't so bad.
  2. That's because he probably exercises it away, but seriously it's about Moderation.
  3. Since he stuck to dietary suggestions and the 2,000 calorie daily intake I think that helped significantly. I know that his cholesterol went down but I wonder how his blood pressure and other parts of his body are functioning after all of that food. Also, everyone's metabolism is different so that could have been a factor and could work different in each individual case.
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  4. Yeah, I'd like to hear more about this also!
  5. His exersise was walking for 45 minutes which is like 100 - 300 calories. Not that much.
    People stray away and always just look at the calories rather than the sugars, vitamins, cholesterol, etc.
    I wouldn't try this personally.
  6. Oh I certainly don't intend on trying it. However, I think the way they produced this article is misleading. A personal testimony like this will probably spark some people to believe that this is a logical solution for them and will make some unhealthy choices.
  7. @Cloud did you supply him?
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  8. Interesting article as I know since the film came out numerous scientists have tried replicating the results seen in the film and to no avail. Basically the film has been ridiculed by many in recent years as BS due to lots of his results etc... being seemingly fixed.
  9. Some people can eat anything at limited amounts and lost weight. Him losing weight doesn't mean he became healthier. Eating nothing but Mc'D's coulda screwed with his insides. I drop weight fast when I don't eat meat because my body naturally digests it slowly. So the more meat I eat, the fatter I would get, the less, the less weight I would have on me. I only eat meat a few times a week because I don't care too much for it - but it is probably I good thing I don't or I'd be like 200 pounds. lmao
  10. He probably worked out and didn't just sit there and get fat.
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  11. Poor Wayne :lol1:
  12. I agree. He cheated!
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