Man Flu is worse than child labour

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, May 5, 2013.

  1. Give me sympathy, seriously. I hate this.

    :sad: :((
  2. I'd still make out with you.
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  3. Ahahahaha, you suck
  4. No, you suck. This is horrible.
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  5. Have some chicken noodle soup and give yourself lots of rest. Feel better soon! :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Man flu? You kidding me? It's not even HIV. Top 10 symphys? You summa bitch you not even in mah top 100 4/10 while Im bangin' ya gurl! :brethart: :steiner:
  7. Holy fuck we have Steiner back :yay:
  8. Be glad it ain't aids. Which is a miracle that you don't have it by now.
  9. What are your symptoms?
  10. sucking dick lmfaooo
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  11. :ksi:

    Dude for someone as healthy as you, your immune system is fucked.
  12. Lol man flu sucks. Im nursing a murderous hangover after a big bank holiday weekend.
  13. Blocked up nose, headache, saw throat, cough, etc. So much worse than child birth. :emoji_slight_frown:

    Yeah, your dick.
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  14. I doubt its worse than child birth. :pity:
    Drink some ginger root tea with raw honey. Should make you feel better in a few hours. Then drink a crap load of orange juice, the best kind are the ones that have orange and some other fruit in them. If you don't like orange juice, do apple juice. The vitamin C in either will boost your immune system. Also, you don't want to lay around too much. I know thats probably all you want to do but it prolongs the process. Walk up and down some stairs a few times. It should raise your heart level and cause you to spit a lot of stuff up if anything is in your lungs. I would say use a rebounder, but you likely do not have one. lol BUT... If you would happen to have a trampoline... Go jump on it. For the headache, put ice on your feet. It will pull the circulation away from your head & relieve some of the pressure. If you can stand to do it, squeeze your hand to the right of your thumb bone as hard as you can stand. Its a pressure point for headaches. And stay away from sugar (other than juice or raw honey) & dairy till you start to feel better. If its a flu brought on by candida over-growth, it will make your symptoms worse. If you are not sure if you have candida over-growth, check your tongue. If it has a thick white film on it, you do. Its nothing to be worried about though, just have to eat better cause the bacteria in your colon got out of hand. lol
  15. Or you could just man the fuck up Crayo. :bury:
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  16. You get no sympathy when you get Man Flu.

    Thanks Britanica, but it's actually healing now sort of. Lol. Only the sniffles remain, which I will admit is slightly less worse than child birth.
  17. I know, I was laid out for weeks with tonsillitis. We aren't real men! :((
  18. Nooo! We are. It's just a ridiculous amount of pain that women just can't understand. All men request sympathy when going through a huge ordeal like man flu :emoji_slight_frown:.
  19. Is that too much to ask women!? You never have to go through pain like this! Just a little symphy is all we ask. :upset:
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