Man Killed After Being Thrown onto NYC Subway Tracks

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. So some guy pushes a man onto the tracks and a photographer had time to snap a photo of this happening but couldn't save his life

    This was a photo from the COVER of The New York Post with the title "DOOMED"

  2. Sorry but why build a train station in a way that if someone falls on the track (and can't get back up) and a train is coming they die. There is NO space there for that man to move into.
  3. The photographer who took the photo did nothing to help. He claims he was "flashing his camera to warn the train driver"... That guy was struggling for one minute to get up from the train tracks and no one helped him.
  4. If he was down there for one minute like you said he could have gone to the other side of the tracks where no train was coming. There's a gap in between those metal beams if you look at the pic. I've been in subways in enough NYC subway stations to know that the gap is large enough for a person to fit through. Not trying to be a douche, just saying.
  5. The guy could be injured, disabled, broken/twisted ankle or something else otherwise I think he could've just gotten up from the tracks by himself. By the pic, it doesn't look hard at all.
  6. How the fuck would the driver know that a camera flash meant to stop? Nah. The guy's a dick who'll have a death hanging over his head.
  7. Imagine your last moments alive, must have been hideous.
  8. Yeah, trains can stop in 3 seconds..

    Anyways, gruesome picture, may the person who did this get caught and spend his life in the bin.
  9. I just think I would have reacted differently. The last thing on my mind would be to snap a photo of a man about to die.
  10. :dafuq:
  11. Actually, it's true. It really depends where you live/what kind of train it is. I think three seconds might be an exaggeration. I would say five, at most. Trains here in San Francisco have the emergency stop button thing to stop immediately. Then again, that's SF, not NYC. *le shrug*
  12. Probably just Cornwall trains that take fucking hours to stop then.
  13. British trains in general. I hope the photographer feels guilty for not helping. That's news reporters for you.
  14. Yeah Trains take ages to stop and generally get you were you want to go
  15. Trains around my area take forever to stop too. I guess it's different everywhere
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