Man of Steel

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  1. How many of you have seen it? It's one of the only Supermen films I've ever enjoyed. I liked the new direction they went with it.
  2. Only seen parts of it so far (haven't time to watch it all) but I enjoyed it. Shows a very real side to the Superman character which was a nice way to approach the film.
  3. It's worth a rental, thats all. The movie was well directed, while the rest was alright. Don't expect Batman, it's a lot more cleaned up.

    I would suggest watching it but you wont miss anything if you go DVD instead of Blu-ray (unless it's a dl, in which case why wouldnt you)

    ETA only saw Spots reply: I enjoyed it quite a bit and am really honestly looking forward to how they are building the series of movies altogether with connection to being in the same universe. I enjoyed it quite a bit, just won't be watching it more than once or twice (if i have to ) in my life.
  4. I'm in the minority, because I thought it was kind of boring. It's the best Superman movie, I guess, but I never really liked the Superman character.
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  5. Superman sucks so much dick.
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  6. You suck so much dick. I liked the film.
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  7. fuck up seabs

  8. U wat m8?
  9. I have it. First half of the movie I absolutely loved, and then.... not so much.
  10. For superman I thought it was pretty good. People complain about how its too toned down but thats how superman story is.
  11. It was pretty terrible. It was about as far from the core of Superman's character as they could go. He murders his enemies and doesn't give a shit about the people in his hometown or new adopted city. Endless CGI drivel for the masses with not-so-subtle religious symbolism. Crap film. I had hoped for so much more.
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