Man Robbed On Train Tracks

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  1. A drunk middle aged man fell from a train platform in Stockholm, Sweden, and blacked out on the tracks. Another man, named Nadar Khiari spotted the unconscious man and did what any other person would do. He jumped down from the platform, robbed the passed out victim, and left him there on the tracks where he was subsequently hit by a train. The victim survived thankfully only losing his foot and the footage was used to catch the robber.

  2. I would've done the exact same thing What an awful thing to do, who would even think of doing this? Certainly not me. No siree.
  3. I'd be more upset about the missing foot
  4. Disgusting.
  5. I agree with crayo
  6. I also agree. Some very disgusting people in the world.
  7. Very disgusting people in the world. The robber should be the one on the track.
  8. I woulda probably starting yelling at him. What a d-bag. Welcome to the world, where no matter where you go... There is always going to be an asshole.
  9. No kidding. It's really a shame.
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