Man Utd fans here?

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  1. Who's a Man United fan here? Anyone see the Stoke game yesterday? I'm an absolutely massive fan, I watch the reserve games and all first team games live. Live in Cornwall but I've seen Man United about 10+ times at OT, and 14+ away games. over the years.

    Why do I support Man U? Mother was born in greater manchester, all her family (and my dad's family) supported Man United, was sort of born into it. Then fell in love with the true legends like Cantona, Bruce, Stam at the back, Class of 99', was incredible.

    Anyway back on-topic: Yesterday, any of you see the kid Paul Pogba?
  2. i am a man u fan but since 16 ive watched nfl more so not that up to speed tbh!
  3. I'm not a fan but I've heard Pogba is going to be a phenomenal player. He's had the hype around him since his days at Le Havre. It's a shame you've let Ravel Morrison go also. He had great natural talent but his attitude got in the way. If anyone could have tamed him I'd have thought it would be Fergie.
  4. Yeah City & both Milan giants were wanting Pogba this window. Fergie said no. Ravel is fantastic, he could of been the new Scholes to be honest, but he was demanding 50k a week. Fergie just showed him the door. He's a "gangster" too, always in trouble outside of football.

    But yeah yesterday against Stoke, Pogba got like 20+ minutes I think and the commentators were going insane. Skinning people, long shots, long passes, commanding the midfield like Scholes was. He's massive too for an 18 year old. Good future ahead. Who do you support @[seabs]? I was sure it was United, lol.
  5. Nope I support Sheffield Wednesday. I'll supply the wiki as people haven't really heard of us :hehe: .
  6. Lmao I'm a massive football fan, I know Wednesday. Used to be a decent premier league team. My old PE teacher supported them too way back in primary school now.

    Any preferable teams you like in the PL? Or La Liga?
  7. I kind of like Liverpool ( Incoming hate for sure :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) because I've met a few of their fans and got on with them great. Plus with the whole disaster ordeal the clubs are kind of tied together. For La Liga I love Barca just for their style of play. They always entertain me.
  8. :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

    jk @[seabs]
  9. It could have been worse it could have been City @[Cloud] :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: .
  10. :dodgy::dodgy::dodgy:

    I like Barca, but their plays like Busquets, Alvez & Sanchez ruin it for me. If they were all as classy as Messi, Xavi and Iniesta I'd love them a lot more. They get booted at times and they never make a meal of any tackle. Sneeze on busquets and you've conceded a penalty.

    Bigger fan of Madrid probably because of the underdog mentality. They were miles away from Barca but Mourinho works his magic and they're like 7 points clear.
  11. true although derby day is the BEST!
  12. Derby days are phenomenal. It's even better if it's an away one.
  13. oh yes im lucky too as i also get bury vs rochdale from league 2 which is a hatred these days!
  14. I remember sitting in eastlands I think 2 years ago, was incredible.
  15. Been to both City of Manc an OT a bit this year cant beat it even if ur in the nosebleeds!