Kayfabe Man with a plan

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    *The camera pans to The Webmaster sitting on his throne, Reaper is standing by his side with an object in his hands with a towel over it, The Disciples are filing into the assemblage area while Webmaster and Reaper consult each other over what Ben Song said earlier in the night*
    Reaper: So do you want to have the match at Summerslam?
    The Webmaster: Of course I do, that scoundrel will get whats coming to him and we will finally rule without opposition.
    *The last of The Disciples make their way into the assemblage area whilst the tall steel doors slowly close behind them. A head count is took by Reaper before The Webmaster begins to speak*
    The Webmaster: Disciples. As you all should know I have been chosen to face JJ Colton this week on Exodus. I will take this opportunity to talk about the threat he presents to someone like myself. First we must take into account that he was a opponent of Robert Blake the World Champion at Warrior's Way before the match was abandoned, this shows that he is not someone to be taken lightly and, having already fought him in the past Reaper has devised a plan that I will use to take down JJ for the victory. But we also have to take into account that he is a former Champion himself having been the first holder of the Iron Man Championship. This shows that he has the integrity to be a champion, but as always I have a plan to counter act this ability of JJ's but I shall not disclose that here. In the end all I have to say to JJ is that he should definitely be wary of his surroundings.
    *The Webmaster begins to laugh as do The Disciples, Reaper keeps a straight face before moving forward to address JJ*
    Reaper: JJ if you don't tread carefully against The Webmaster, you're going to end up looking like this.
    *Reaper begins to beat down a random member of the disciples until he can literally no longer stand. The camera fades to black as the disciples look on*