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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 18, 2013.

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    [size=xx-small]Who gave this idiot my microphone, even American's are taking my jobs now.[/size]​

    So we've all agreed Zeb with Swagger has been an improvement on Jack by himself and I think we've agreed Heyman and Punk have been entertaining so which management / client duos do you want to happen in your fantasy world? All managers must be active currently and you must mention how you'd bring them together, even if it's brief.

    Commence the discussion :cornette:

    I'd love to see Regal take Bryan under his wing in a protege angle, say Regal says Daniel is doing his training a discredit by doing the comedy stuff.
  2. Slater and the Honkytonk man, alternately Slater with Michael Ps Hayes. Slater by himself is a hybrid of the two and with the 3MB it's like having a younger, not yet as fleshed out Freebirds around.
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  3. Flair & Ziggler. I know we all want Ziggler to go on his own but a run with Flair might just be gold.

    HBK/Ziggler could be great too, only if Ziggler was face.
  4. HTM and Slater could revitalise the IC title IMHO, they both just have that hatred come naturally for them.
  5. I'd prefer heel HBK in a fantasy world, arrogant Shawn is the champ's calling.
  6. I honestly don't see Ziggler meshing well with Flair.

    Just for shits and giggles, Jinder Mahal and the Iron Sheik. If that doesn't get Jinder over/heat nothing will.
  7. Ric Flair dropping Miz and taking Joe Hennig under his wing. I made a thread about it a while back.
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  8. Agree with Ziggles Flair, Flair was more heel Miz than Ziggler by a long way IMO (I think I mentioned it somewhere)

    Sheiky baby and Jinder vs Cena and Hogan :dawg:
  9. speaking of Joe Hennig. Pair him up with Stan Hansen and let him adopt some of his traits.
  10. If they let him stiff the fuck outta people I'd be down for it, WWE is too soft IMO.
  11. Flair/Ziggler is my top pic atm.

    Like the idea of Flair/Hennig as well. Them feuds back in the day with Flair and Joe's dad.

  12. Why are people so adamant on seeing Flair with Ziggler? I have never understood that at all. It's not like their characters are that alike. Flair was much more a heel Miz like seabs said.
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  13. Flair and Ziggler would have no chemistry with each other at all.

    I wanna see Dusty Rhodes paired up with someone in a Protege angle but I don't know with who. (And no, not his son Cody.)
  14. As stupid as it sounds now Dusty being used to turn Swagger face could have worked IMO, they'd easily represent the working class American.
  15. Dusty would mesh will with someone similar to him. Brodus could have worked.
  16. Dusty would need to be paired with an underdog like character that doesn't have a typical WWE physique. Husky Harris would've worked out had he not been amazing with his new gimmick. There are no other young, fat guys :sad1:
  17. Brodus?
  18. Brodus should be a monster heel, not a face, that's why I didn't include him.
  19. :mad2: most fat guys fit that mold though, it's easy booking for them to be monster heels. Harris was the same but you included him :neymar2:
  20. We've seen Brodus as a face, it doesn't work. Harris still has a shot, he hasn't been seen by most of the masses as a face yet. Plus I think the Rotundo's have some Native American heritage as well, that always goes over well. He's to good doing what he's doing now though.
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