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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Jonathan, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Seabs

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  2. RKO

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  3. Zamorakian

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  4. Thewindyfan

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  5. Dolph'sZiggler

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  1. We currently need:
    • 1 Head Booker.
    • 1 Booker.
    • 3 Writers.
    The nominated people are:
    • [align=LEFT]Zamorakian[/align]
    • [align=LEFT]Seabs[/align]
    • [align=LEFT]RKO[/align]
    • [align=LEFT]Dolph's Ziggler[/align]
    • [align=LEFT]Thewindyfan[/align]

    Voting will be open for 5 days so please vote quickly to make sure you don't lose your place to vote!

    Head Booker:
    You will assist me in the creative process and will control what the bookers and writers create, and ultimately give it the 'go ahead' and do that.

    Bookers: You will be responsible for laying out a short-term plan for where you want story-lines to go. You will then pass on these plans to the writers to write. These can be brief but must contain enough information about who is the face/heel, the outcome, how the match ended (pin-fall, DQ, submission etc.) and who goes over etc, was there any title change?

    Writers: You will take the plans from the bookers and develop them into full story-lines and scripts for the shows. Once you have your script done, you will pass it onto the bookers who will go over the script and find any faults. If everything is good, the bookers will pass it onto myself and the other head booker for finalisation.

    Positions will be decided by:

    Whoever has the most votes will chose their role.

    The person with the second most votes will chose their role etc etc until all roles are filled.
    This means you may end up with a role you didn't necessarily want, which is why it's important to get a lot of votes.
    You can always promote it in your signature etc. for people to vote for you.


    Please note: Users will be able to see who you voted for, and Staff will be doing checks for multiple accounts daily.
    It's fairly obvious if you cheat... new accounts, little posts etc.

    Good luck to all!

  2. 6 staff out of 8 character sign ups?
  3. We have 5 nominations and 6 required places.

    An example of the kind of writing I'd provide.
    Show Spoiler

    The arena turns to black, the crowd gasp in anticipation. Letting out a mixture of cheers and boos as the familiar reverse crucifix pose is struck, the LED lights running along his jacket sparkle for a split second. *Break the walls down* hits to another louder mixed reaction. The lights flash back into life, as Chris Jericho walks cockily down to the ring, wearing his jacket and wrestling trunks, the WWE title hanging over his shoulder.
    “This man battled 5 other men to be crowned the WWE champion at the Elimination chamber PPV” Cole announces, excitedly.
    “He didn’t really put up much of a fight. He arrived when everyone else was beaten down and picked the scraps, like a vulture” King replies.
    Jericho enters the ring grasps a mic, smiles and raises it to his lips.

    “For weeks you all chanted, Y2J, Y2J, Y2J. For weeks you begged for me to utter a word. For weeks you wondered what I’d do. At the Elimination Chamber I spoke louder than any words could. I defeated 5 other men to become your new WWE champion.” Jericho raises the belt to a chorus of boos. “5 other men The Miz” *boos* “R-Truth” *cheers* “Dolph Ziggler” *boos* “Kofi Kingston” *cheers* “and the apparent best in the world CM Punk” *huge cheers at the mention of Punk’s name.” You see Punk you’re not the best are you? I am, I hold the single most prestigious title in the world of professional wrestling. You, you were nothing but a place holder. Nothing but a pretender to my throne. Before you even uttered the term “best in the world” before you even walked around with that on your back, I was the best, the very best in the world at what I do.” Huge heat for Jericho as he raises the mic to utter another strike at Punk.

    *Cult of personality hits to a huge positive reaction.*

    “Here comes the former WWE champion, CM Punk. I can’t wait to see what he has to say about Jericho’s actions.” King says excitedly.
    Punk enters wearing his brown “we believe in Punk” T-shirt and his wrestling trunks. He’s holding a microphone.

    *The crowd chants CM PUNK CM PUNK CM PUNK*

    Punk stays at the top of the ramp and lifts the mic ready to speak.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Jericho is back doing what he does best. It’s true Chris you are the best in the world at what you do. Sliming your way out of situations, you did it to become the first undisputed champion in the history in this company and you did it again last night. You waited until everyone else had battled through this barbaric structure, and you picked up the scraps, but you know what? I’m still entitled to my rematch and I’m cashing in that privilege right here tonight in Milwaukee. “

    *Huge pop as the crowd anticipates a title match live tonight*

    *Jericho throws down his jacket and the title and signals he wants to fight*

    *Punk smiles, throws down his mic and walks towards the ring.*

    Punk makes it half way down the ramp before security guards block him off.

    “Punk stop, I am the interim General Manager of Monday Night Raw, John Laurinitas and this is not happening tonight”

    *Huge boos from the crowd and let them fight chants*

    “I have plans for both of you tonight and this isn’t it. Security, Keep Mr Punk and Mr Jericho separated”

    *Crowd boos louder*

    Jericho smiles as he raises the title mocking Punk with a large smile. Punk scowls at Jericho then at Laurinatas, finally back to Jericho as they lock into an intense stare down.

    *The crowd boos Jericho ending with a chorus of chants for CM Punk.*

    “Good call by Mr Laurinatas Punk can’t go and demand a rematch whenever he wants. “ Cole screams enthusiastically.

    “He’s entitled to his rematch and I can’t wait until he gets it. Jericho needs to get what’s coming to him” King smiles as the camera pans to him.
  4. You don't have to have a character to be staff.

    Shit I didn't even notice that. Sec.

  5. Since you're that good, then i suggest you take part in this too!
  6. I voted Seabs, bcuz I want him to be the Head booker. No disrespect to the others.
  7. Should allow multiple choice. Voted for seabs but I'd love dolph involved too.
  8. Hope no one minds but I've edited the poll so multiple choice should be allowed. Also shouldn't people be banned from voting for themselves? Seems kind of unfair imo.

    Also voted for RKO and Zamo, I'm really interested in what they both bring to the table. Possibly write up a sample segment everyone? It will help you get votes.
  9. Seabs for president.
  10. Jonathan why aren't you in the poll?

    (Lol at my sig)
  11. I'll take a Russo role & give you guys retarded stipulation/gimmick matches every week.

  12. He's already appointed himself as the head booker.
  13. You guys better book my Super Spider character strongly, or I'm gonna break the kayfabe and knock the shit out of you, I will also bury you on the mic, and I'm gonna break my opponents' limbs, one by one.

  14. I've got plans for him don't worry, he'll be the Yoshi Tatsu of this fed :tongue:
  15. An example of my writing.
  16. Wait, can Jonathan just appoint himself like that?
  17. @[Crayo] you just got Jonatrolled :emoji_wink:
  18. Can I be a Booker or Writer? I have experience and I've been fedding for around 3 years.
  19. You missed the nominations thread. I don't think you could, but ask @[Jonathan]

  20. I don't see why not. Any examples of you work?
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