Manchester City Presents European Away Kit

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jose Tortilla, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. I love it, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying it when I have some $$.
  3. [​IMG]


  4. INDEED!
  5. Ewwww.

    Is this JUST for European matches? Is that even possible?
  6. Yes it is. Real and Ajax will be beaten in it.

    Still looks better than Man U's home shirt.
  8. Really love our home kit now, even though it's disgusting, it's grown on me. Like a verrucae.
  9. I really like our kit, I love the different shades of blue.
  10. My exact thoughts when seeing this thread.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Our kit is sexy dammit! Just admit it :emoji_wink:
  13. You buying Jose?
  14. Maybe the home shirt, not sure. I don't wear them so they will just end up hanging in my closet..

  15. I think I will yeah, I always buy the home shirt, every season. I don't really buy the 3rd kits, but I really like this one so yeah, I think I might buy it :otunga:
  16. And do you wear them alot?
  17. Yeah I wear them all the time, I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

    Manchester Is Lancashire, Lancashire & Yorkshire have a county "Rivalry" so to speak, so I get a little stick. But that doesn't bother me.
  18. Ah okok haha. Nice. Maybe I'll buy it.. Not sure yet. Can't wear it at work, so it will be at home or with friends or so..
  19. Buy It, I know you want to :emoji_slight_smile:
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