Manchester Derby Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Anyone going to be here to watch United get owned by City?
  2. I might be here, but I don't think we'll own you. I have a sneaky feeling that you'll win. Ruining our decent home record. Team have been appalling as of late. We played poor away at Wigan but managed to win 2-0. We played poor against Everton at home and drew 1-1. I don't have much confidence in the team at the moment. :pity1:
  3. Same with United. We're just scoring loads (as expected) but conceding fucking loads too. No Vidic tomorrow so in the air you'll dominate us unless SAF gets some sense and plays Smalling (so underrated). No Anderson or Cleverley so our midfield will probably be Scholes (39), Carrick (30 something) and probably Giggs (39), those three won't compete with Silva, Nasri, Yaya Toure and Barry (yeah even Barry is better). That's where you will beat us in my opinion.

    We'll only win by out-scoring you, which is tough at the Etihad. Van Persie needs to be on his game and so does Rooney.
  4. Are you trying to say younger team = sureshot win?

    Scholes is currently one of the best midfielders not only in the league but in the world. Hes in the same league with the likes of xavi, alonso, pirlo and gerrard.
    Carrick is just 30, which is actually a players peak year in football, but i dont like him, and i feel hes overrated, he slows the game down and likes to play safe passes. Giggs wouldnt be starting for sure, Young would most probably be starting or Fletcher. I like fletcher, he works hard and he isnt static.

    Scholes and fletcher in the central midfield, Young and Kagawa on the wings. Rooney and Van persie upfront. Good enough to beat city and their overrated bunch of players.
  5. No. Silva, Nasri and Yaya Toure are much better quality than a way-past-it Ryan Giggs and a poor Michael Carrick. Youth brings determination and a lack of care. Those Man United midfielders are not going to press City, Cleverely and Anderson do.

    Agreed, I've said this for ages. Pep Guardiola himself said he would take Paul Scholes over any other BPL player.

    30 is not the peak (if you mean prime), Carrick is playing the best he's ever played sure, but he's still no where near good enough for United. The other players in the world who play his potition for top teams are a lot better (Yaya Toure, Busquets, Song, Khedira, Alonso etc)

    I hope Giggs doesn't, and Fletcher is passed it since his illness. He has lost his legs, but he is better than Giggs for sure and is probably starting - good call, forgot about him. Young is probably United's worst player at the moment...

    Kagawa is injured, and Young is fucking terrible atm. Watch the games and realise that, lol. [/quote]
  6. [/quote]

    Maybe, but i just dont want man utd playing 4 - 3 - 3. They play terrible with a 4- 3 - 3 formation. Rooney can play in central midfield and Fletcher on RM for all i care.
    Kagawa is back training with the team, and ferguson can play a hunch by starting with him. Carrick isnt good enough for united agreed, young is in his worst form agreed.
    I think some changes are needed next season. I dont like Nani either. A winger and a central midfield is due.
  7. More like both are due. Our central midfield is terrible apart from Cleverely and Anderson. 4-3-3 is bad. 4-2-3-1 is what we need but we really need Anderson/Cleverey playing. One attacking and one pressing, that's how our team needs to work. I'm so pumped for Kagawa's eventual return too.

    I just see City overpowering us on set pieces tbh.
  8. Nah i prefer 4 - 4 - 2 over 4 - 2 - 3 - 1.
  9. You're so outdated. 4-4-2 is a disgusting old fashioned formation that does not work any more.
  10. I'll probably watch this assuming the Dundee derby is as crap as I expect it to be. I've not exactly followed either team closely but expecting Manure to win.
  11. Yeah imagine UTDS centre mids being 3 against 2,that won't work out well. They'll be overran with 3 so two would be suicide.
  12. United team

    Da Gay

    Rafael - Ferdinand (-.-) - Evans - Evra (

    Carrick - Cleverely

    Valencia - Rooney - Young


    I wish Kagawa was fit to take Young's position, or Nani. And I wish he played Smalling, the guy is a beast in the air.
  13. Rio will be raped by Kuns pace imo, he's quick but not what he was 5 years ago (expected of course though) Cleverly needs to do a job on Yaya also, expecting a lot of goals in this 1.
  14. Agreed. Rio is a pretty clever defender now though and is great i the air, if he plays well I'm fine, but I much prefer Smalling or Jones. But Rio is a leader so meh.

    Mario is playing, if he plays well then we could be fucked. If he doesn't then it']s like 60 minutes of them having one striker in Kun.
  15. Is Fletch fit enough yet? If so why the hell is he playing Carrick over him? The guy's pish. That defence is pretty weak as well, aside from Evans pretty much all of the back 5 can be bombscares. The front 4 is fantastic though - not sure how City will play but expecting an exciting game.
  16. Fletcher has lost his legs from the bits I've seen the illness has ruined him imo.
  17. Re: RE: Manchester Derby Discussion Thread

    Rio will be an asset to defend set pieces agreed but wouldn't Smalling with Rooney as skipper work out a bit better?
  18. Fletch is fit, I'm glad he's not playing. He's lost his pace and United don't know the meaning of pressing, and any football fan knows you can't do good pressing unless you press as a team, Fletcher would just run around like a headless chicken on his own with our lazy bastards behind & in front of him.

    Rafael is our most MOTM'd player this season, he's been terrific. Evra is hit or miss, mostly miss. Rio is the same but mostly hit atm.

    Carrick is shit, I despise him, but he is still one of the most composed passers in the league. We need a bit of possession and he can give us it.
  19. Go city ! Go silva :gusta:
  20. Definitely. Smalling dominated Carrol against West Ham, not many defenders can say the same. Smalling is so underrated, I love the guy.
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