Manchester United vs Chelsea Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. FA Cup semi-final coming up in half an hour. One side of me is pumped because it's United playing another big game at home, the other side of me isn't because ITV are covering it.

    Anyway, excited and nervous. Why nervous? If we go out today we have lost the treble chance in a period of one week. The double is what United deserve this season imo, and we have the team to do it.

    Let's hope no shitty refereeing results in another top game ruined. Pumped for football!
  2. Manchester United deserves a treble? Don't exaggerate, bro. I respect United, and been a fan of them for years now, but to say that they deserve a treble this year, especially with their weak performances in the Champions League, is an overstatement...
  3. Torres will score #Makeitcount
  4. Read. I said we deserve a double.
  5. If this happens I'm reporting the Man U keeper to FIFA, he must be involved in some chinese betting ring.
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  6. Torres doesn't start, Ba does.

    Torres scoring :haha:

    Utd don't need a keeper to stop him scoring:

  7. Torres GOAT!! :troll:
  8. Fuck sake I hate ITV.

    Lol at Fergie's comment to Rafa: "Don't want to say anything, I wouldn't want to kick him whilst he's down".
  9. Quarter Final dingus, and come on Man U, knock those f****** out, they beat us in the last round. :upset:
  10. Roy Keane saying United have no desire to win...

    Yet United are known as the team that never ever gives up. Fuck Roy Keane I swear.
  11. ITV, are so shit, Roy Keane and Gareth Southgate, both completely failed as managers and both are pissed on completely by :gary:
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  12. Wish I could add more likes to this post.

    I just don't understand what he said. Aren't United known as the team that have so much desire to win that they constantly score late goals and never know when they have lost? Think of how many times United have been behind this year, and won it still. Yet he says "the desire to win isn't in this squads make up" because we didn't hold on against Real Madrid? What a fucking moron.
  13. It's fun how overrated Keane was as a manager, he spent mad money and people were shocked when they were promoted.

    He spent 14 miilion in his first season and 50 the next and never achieved anything with it source he did bring in 10 the previous but with the high P/L wages they had already it's an amazing amount.
  14. Lol, they don't hold on against one of the best sides in the world with 10 men so they have no desire to win, seems legit. And yeah United are always the team that you are never safe against, unless you are like 3 goals up against them you know they have a chance to come back, that's what most people love about United, they fight on to the end, don't know why Keane is all of a sudden being so anti United on ITV, maybe he wants people to think he isn't biased or something? Either way, get him off my TV.
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  15. Exactly. He wouldn't be bias anyway, he in no way shape or form still loves United. He and Fergie have had many spats since Keane went into management as well.

    Btw, I love Juan Mata. First thing ITV have done right is interview him.
  16. Exactly, the Sunderland fans were making out he was incredible, but Sunderland had money no one else in that league did, due to parachute payments, so of course they stormed the league that year, and like you say he spend so much in the prem the next year and I don't even think they scraped top half, anyone can buy a lot of players if they have the money, but he didn't use them well at all.
  17. Keane is overrated? Isn't he known as a flop manager? Lol.
  18. After Ipswhich I think we all agree he's a flop but at one point he was considered a real up and comer in management, to be fair his Sunderland team did manage to beat QPR so he wasn't that terrible.
  19. Yeah now he is, but when he was in charge at Sunderland, he was made out to be the messiah imo.
  20. Lol, love the way Fergie is never afraid to tell the journalists that their question was stupid.
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