Manchester United vs Real Madrid (CL)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nano, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Manchester United

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  2. Real Madrid

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  1. Well, vote in the poll or write the result here down, easy.
  2. 2-1 United, Wazza, RVP and Ronaldo imo.
  3. I say MU 0-1 RMA
  4. Oh no... @Crayo is not gonna leave this thread haha

    Head sais 1-1 (Overtime 1-2)

    Heart sais 1-3
  5. 2-1 United.

    RVP/Rooney and Ronaldo, exactly the same as my good friend and sexual partner @ColeMiner

    Reason why: United simply do not play games at Old Trafford without scoring. If we could have scored like 4 at Madrid's backyard, we can certainly score more at Old Trafford.
  6. Man Utd 1 - 2 Real Madrid

    Ramos 0-1
    RVP 1-1
    Ronaldo 1-2
  7. Barcelona are technically out :yay:
    That means if we beat United the CL will be ours :yes:
    For some reason I have a feeling United will win 2-1 though :sad1:
  8. Barca can still go through, and you'll still have to get past teams like Bayern Munich and Juventus if you want to win it. Trust me, it won't be easy.
  9. United 1 - 2 Madrid
  10. 2-1 to Manchester United. Rooney and Robin Van Persie to score for United, and Cristiano to score for Real Madrid.
  11. The more I think about it, the more I feel Welback scoring and Rooney not.
  12. Believe me if we knocked your team out of the CL, We will be the favorites without a doubt, 11 years of waiting should come to an end NOW :ANGRY:
  13. i think man utd should go through as long as there big players turn up r madrid have been terrible this season especially away from home they've lost 8 games away so far this season
  14. As Real push for a goal his pace will be a huge asset.

    Anyway does RVP potentially being out effect anyone's prediction? I know it's early to say but if he does miss it would you still go the way you've said?
  15. SAF said he should be fit. But if he's out, I would go as far as predicting us losing. So many people think we just hand it to RVP and he scores, but he does so much more. He holds play up and is confident enough and GOOD enough to hold it, beat a man, and create something. His touch, movement, and composure are enough to make sure Real are scared of him.

    Welback is fantastic but he needs to be our energy, not our quality. His quality in front of goal just isn't there yet, despite his important goals.

    Without RVP: 1-1 or 2-1 Madrid
    With RVP - 2-1 or 1-0 United.
  16. Madrid is gonna score at least one goal.
  17. His goalscoring record aint great for a striker he only has 2-3 this season dosen't he id start with rooney then unleash henandez in the second half dropping rooney behind him off topic but what happened with pepe and rooney do they hate each other or something
  18. Welback's ain't good no, but he scores in big games for both United (the derby this year, Arsenal last year, and Real Madrid this year) and England (world cup etc).

    And I'm not sure about Rooney and Pepe. I know Rooney tweeted and blasted Pepe last year for stamping on Messi's hand.
  19. Googled to try and find out the beef between the two, turned out to just show pictures of people adding their names to make pepperoni....
  20. Lmao seems legit. I don't think there is beef though.
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