Manchester United vs Real Madrid Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. So excited for this match tomorrow. My #1 English team against my #1 Spanish team. I just hope United bring back something to Old Trafford to attack on. We need a goal and I'm optimistic we can get one. Jose has the better record against Sir Alex though; that's something for me to worry about I guess.

    What a match though, the dream match of European football imo. The two most popular clubs worldwide -- incredible match up. Anyone else as excited as me?

    People are labeling Ronaldo and Van Persie as the main players, but I disagree. If Rooney turns up in style then United have a great chance. I think tomorrow BPL fans will see the reason why Spanish media hold Carrick in such a high regard too. As for Madrid, I think Benzema or Di Maria are going to need to turn up. United will have a game plan for Ronaldo -- which will most likely be Phil Jones -- and Rafael is in hot form at right back and can come up against anyone in my opinion, so they'll need to attack Evra. Evra is United's weak link at the back, so if Di Maria turns it on they could have success.

    Also, a battle not even mentioned, Cassilas vs De Gea. Both have been inconsistent this year but are still incredible shot-stoppers. If you want a successful Champions League campaign then you need a good keeper. Whichever one of those plays well tomorrow gives their team a huge chance.
  2. cassilias is injured and and i predict 3-1 madrid ronaldo to score all 3
  3. Well, I know a little of Spanish so as I want to Real Madrid to win because the simply crew is awesome I'll speak Spanish. Real Madrid ganara el partido, son los mejores del MUNDO, ni Messi que es el unico en el Barcelona que hace algo podra parales de conseguir su proposito, y Mou no parara hasta conseguir la decima!! And in English. Real Mardid will win because is the best team of the World, not even Messi that is the only person that works at Barcelona's team can stop them, Mou wants the tenth and that's what counts!!
  4. LOL at that guy ! Yeah looking forward to the match . Iker is injured , however Diego is a quite good goalkeeper . I may say that Mou is not gonna attack in Manchester . A 1-1 1-2 is okay or Madrid , then u will come here and ....The game will start (3-1,4-2).
    Really pumped for this awesome match .

    And for the Spanish guy over there . El Madrid pasará , y llegara muy lejos , espero que el Milán le plante cara al Barcelona . Ojalá sea un Barça Madrid en la final y que ganemos la décima es sus putas narices .
  5. Real winning by a minimum.
  6. anyone watching the celtic game vs juventus currently 1-0 to juventus with celtic dominating possesion and having more shots
  7. The first game is at Madrid.

    I think Real will win either 2-1, 3-2 or it will end up with a score-draw.
  8. What's you favourite team? Mine is Real Madrid without a doubt...
  9. 4-0 Madrid. I would love that.
  10. :pity1:
  11. You know it will happen.
  12. Gonna go for a comfortable home win for Real, i think the Mancs will score, but as guess 3-1 Real, i just think they have too much going forward for Man U, as they have been a bit suspect at the back all season
  13. I reckon Madrid will pick up a victory tomorrow. I have the feeling that the home environment will favour them in this leg, but at Old Trafford I get the feeling that United will overcome them and walk away with the whole thing.
    It should be interesting to say the least!
  14. Even 3-1 is a result that wouldn't frighten me going back to Old Trafford.
  15. 3-1 for ManU :pity:
  16. Doubt that, lol.
  17. Testify, get out of this thread and go back to the TNA section. :mad:

    Manchester United to win 3-2. I'm a Manchester United fan and supporter - this is going to be truly awesome.
  18. I live in madrid.....My favorite team is Real Madrid


    Either 4-1 or 3-1
    (ronaldo x2 , Ozil and Benzema)

    We should have a Mesut Ozil smile
  19. Yeah, I like your idea, should be nice, but his eyes are scary LOL
  20. Lolwut :mad2:
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