Manchester Utd possible line up if i was manager

Discussion in 'Sports' started by JeebaK, Sep 9, 2013.

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  1. I dunno why Moyes isnt trying this strategy, since man utd lack creativity in the midfield it only makes sense.

    Gk - De Gea
    Rb - Rafael
    Lb - Evra
    Cb - Vidic
    Cb - Ferdinand
    Cm - Fellaini
    Cm - Kagawa
    CAM - Rooney
    LW - Nani
    RW - Welbeck
    ST - Van Persie

    That will add both steel and creativity in the central midfield, some may argue that kagawa lack the defensive qualities to play in the central midfield area, but so does players like modric and fabregas but they have played in that position quite efficiently, and fellaini will be pure steel in there snatching the ball up from opponents before they get a chance to organize themselves or counter attack. I say we should atleast try kagawa in that position, he can burst forward from there and imho would be much more efficient than in that lw position and will have much more freedom, we always have rooney to track back anyway.

    Van persie can also drop a little deep at times and make space for welbeck to use his pace and power to run in behind him, kagawa and rooney can provide long balls over the defense, while van persie drops deep and while the defenders have their eye on him and comes up as well with van persie welbeck will have lots of space to run into behind the defenders.

    Carrick might be class at composure and passing, but hes getting old, and he doesnt exactly fly into challenges, hence i would prefer fellaini or jones with kagawa instead of carrick, carrick can be brough on when man utd wants to keep possesion of the ball and control the play.

    What do u guys think? I would especially like an opinion from Crayo.
  2. On holiday so short reply.

    1) thought you were banned...
    2) saw that your opinion is to drop our best midfielder, so stopped reading. Kagawa is a cam, not a box to box cm. I like the idea of having more creativity though. And I love that giggs isn't there.
  3. where the fuck is Jonny Evans and Bebe?

  4. ban me? You should know better by now, i come back when i feel like it, i always find a way, then i end up getting banned again in a few weeks, and the process continues :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    2)Our best central midfielder yes, maybe he can play alongside kagawa instead of fellaini not sure, but you have to admit he isnt getting any younger, and in the absence of a box to box midfielder we need some steel in the midfield, i dunno if carrick will be upto that task or not. If you think logically it might make sense. Kagawa might not be a box to box midfielder but it will still be worth it to play him in there and see if it works out.
  5. So you wouldn't play xavi for Barcelona because of his age? Or Pirlo for Juventus because of his age? Carrick is up there with the best in his position in the world. We fall apart without him. Plus, he may not fly into challenges but he isn't roy Keane. He intercepts the ball so many times and reads the game wonderfully. He's very good defensively.

    Kagawa needs to be played offensively. We need to purchase a box to box player like a modric. Kagawa can keep the ball and start attacks, but he can't do the defensive job you're asking. Fellaini maybe can. Also, you don't make the best striker on the planet track back. Ever. He is prone to injuries as a deep striker, he needs the extra rest up front furthest forward. Don't mess with what's working dude.

    I too would drop Valencia (though some games he'd start for defensive purposes). I'd play januzaj a lot more who could be the midfielder you're hoping for. He's amazing.

  6. Modric started out by being the same type of player that kagawa is currently, he used to play only in the cam hole behind the striker or in the lw position. However he gradually evolved in the cm position as well when he was given a chance so i dont see why we cant take a chance with kagawa as well, if it doesnt work atleast we tried. He certainly cant play in the hole behind the striker because rooney should be playing there, so currently the only position left for him is the left wing.

    Carrick is good but hes no xavi or pirlo and he never will be.

    Not asking for vvan persie to track back, he can be the lone man front like he is, just sometime to confuse defenders he can come back deep and welbeck can burst into space. If you remember correctly this was the exact strategy man utd used against real madrid in the champions league first leg, and damn was welbeck awesome in that match, giving real trouble to contrao and ramos, with his pace and strength.
  7. for what its worth this what i'd have
    Gk de gea
    Rb rafael
    Cb vidic
    Cb rio
    Lb evra
    Cdm carrick
    Cdm fellani
    Rm zaha
    Lm nani/rooney
    Cam kagawa
    St rvp
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  8. Sounds good if zaha fullfills his potential and fellaini can leave up to his price tag. Its just the lack of creative midfield in the center midfield that worries me. Every team has a creative central midfielder, lampard/mata for chelsea, gerrard for liverpool, wilshere for arsenal, modric for madrid, xavi for barcelona. Carrick is on their level in terms of composure and passing, but in terms of creativity he lacks it sometimes, plays too many side or back passes.
  9. 352
    GK - Lindegaard
    RCB - Evra
    CB - Fabio
    LCB - Vidic
    CDM - Powell
    CDM - Rooney
    LM - Young
    RM - Van Persie
    CAM - Valencia
    ST - Kagawa
  10. QB Drew Brees
    RB Some black guy
    WR some black guy
    Defense A bunch of black guys
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  11. Lindergaard seriously? Imho hes one of the worst gks i have ever seen.
    Fabio as a cb?Powell in the starting lineup?
    Van persie in the ring wing and kagawa playing as a striker?

    You have a lot of explaining to do.
  12. Lindegaard was the most consistent goal keeper thats why he got into the PFA toty.
    Fabio is the best attacking RM in the league so he would be vital in their defense.
    Van Persie is a great crosser thats why he'd be great in the LB position and Kagawa is a lethal header and has the best heading (imo) in the league and can take advantage of Vidic's through balls as he is a lethal dribbler and finisher from 30+ yards
  13. Can tell you're a FIFA player. That's absolutely horrible. Jesus.
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  14. I'm not even srs oh my gerd

    If you'd like me to be serious...

    443 with CAM
    ST RvP
    LW Welbeck
    RW Nani
    CAM Kagawa
    CM Fellaini
    CM Carrick
    LB Evra
    CB Vidic
    CB Ferdinand
    RB Rafael
    GK De Gea
  15. Rooney needs to be in there, hes the 2nd best united player by far atm
  16. Not a United-fan but they should line up something like this:


    Gk: De Gea
    Rb: Rafael/Jones (Rafael's injured for a while, right?)
    Cb: Vidic
    Cb: Ferdinand
    Lb: Evra

    Cdm: Carrick
    Cdm: Fellaini

    Ram: Nani/Valencia
    Cam: Rooney
    Lam: Welbeck/Young

    St: van Persie
  17. Are you going off career or form? Someone needs to actually play to have good form. Besides RvP (who I'm guessing is your first best) Carrick has been their second most consistent performer.
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  18. Rooney does need to start, but I agree that Carrick & RVP are ahead of him in the pecking order now.
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