Mancini asks City bosses to bring him £50m Neymar

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 3, 2012.

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  2. @[Lacky]

    Your opinion?
  3. It's a distinct possibility with City's spending power however many think that the EPL is on the decline at the min with the racism rows, referee issues, money issues. Also the fair play regulations come into play soon so big spending will be curbed to a degree so as much as it could happen there are reasons it won't in my opinion.
  4. I want him to go to Liverpool since I like them. But obviously whoever he goes to he'll make a big impact for. Easily one of the most explosive players in the game.
  5. I don't know what to think at the moment, he's a fantastic player no doubt about it. But where would we play him? at the moment it look's like Mancini prefers playing a lone man up front with a striker behind him. The Tevez/Aguero combination can be lethal at times so I see no need in signing Neymar unless he wants to sell either of them players.

    I'm saying this but it's likely we'll probably try and get Guardiola for next season with the rumors that Mancini was speaking to Monaco about becoming there manager last season without the club knowing. & The fact we've signed two former Barcelona directors as CEO and a Director of football who both worked with Guardiola. So I'm not sure. Mancini needs to start winning games in the champions league otherwise he'll be sacked. I've read a few reports that Sheik Mansour is refusing to keep spending while Mancini is failing in Europe. :pity1:
  6. Balotelli will leave no doubt. Probably AC Milan..

    So, this was what I thought.

  7. Daily Mirror.....

    Neymar will sign for Nottingham Forrest then.
  8. :pity1:
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