Mancini Blasts Joe Hart

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. Lol what?
  2. Blasts, teehee.

    But that is seriously retarded. It is almost an unwritten rule that as a manager you don't call your keeper out for making mistakes. I just don't rate Mancini at all to be honest.
  3. Lol Mancini, what a joke.
  4. Lol..

    Way to keep your team moral up..

    Through the good and the bad, ain't it?

    What's Mancini gonna do now? Let Pantilimon play? :silva:
  5. Joe Hart was single handedly keeping them in the CL with any hope, yet he says this. You have the best players in the premier league, and you're losing to Southampton -- it's definitely not Joe Hart's fault.
  6. They are a ''team''.. It's the ''team's performance''..

    So it's the ''team's'' fault..

    Btw, Aguero apologized on his FB :haha:
  7. I love Aguero, I really do. I'd do anything to have him play for United or Madrid.
  8. True.

    Even though I love him at City, and he does play good, I have this feeling that he wasn't on his ''place'' from the beginning.

    Don't know why, but it feels like that.
  9. If there is any proof of Mancini's lack of respect to his players, it's basically this post right here...
  10. Although Mancini is absolutely stupid for saying this, he is right. Hart made some absolutely horrific mistakes yesterday.
  11. But it was just one match..
  12. This, and hasnt ferguson criticized De Gea too saying he needs to be more consistant if he wants to be a first team regular?

    I already mentioned this before, hart is terribly overrated by the british media, he makes far too many mistakes and there are atleast 5 better keepers in the league.


    He made a lot of other mistakes too this season, not noyl for man city but also for england, i believe u dont watch him too much. He consists too many soft goals.
  13. Lol..

    I'm a big City fan, bro.

    Maybe I didn't write it explainable.

    I was trying to say: Mancini is bashing the dude hard for his mistakes in this match.

    Imo, this is the first time he's going at it like he did this time af Hart, even though Hart has made a lot of mistakes in this season, like you mentioned.
  14. Its understandable, city are already out of champions league and now 12 points behind in the premiure league race.
  15. Hart has saved them more times than he has cost them this season. That's for sure.

    SAF has defended Da Gea to no end... And Hart and Da Gea are completely different, since Da Gea seemingly makes one or two mistakes every single game.
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