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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Action Jackson, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Hey people, I hope all is well. I've been fuckin' busy!!

    I am taking some time to HOLLA atcha playas..


    So I just caught up on WWE. I've been out of the loop since I was here last. I watched Raw in pieces over the past few nights though.

    WWE is in full transition right now. We're being given one last blast of the Orton/Cena Era and we're being moved into the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan Era.

    I'd love to see the two duos one day in a TAG MATCH PLAYA

    Seriously though Orton and Cena locking horns again is going to be great. I loved their matches before. I'm all for unification, but I don't see it going smoothly. The fact that they guarantee a unified champ should be a red herring that some shit will go down to prevent it.

    Now while all that's going on, you have Bryan and Punk being kept at a rolling boil just below the surface. They're both red hot, keeping busy with their proverbial feuds. Both of them being in handicap matches is pretty rad. I'm looking forward to both. I assume they'll be busy with Shield and Wyatts until Rumble or so. Clearly one of them is winning the Royal Rumble, but who?

    This is my prediction... the titles will be unified definitively before Mania. Bryan will win this unified title off of Orton before Mania, and CM Punk will win the Royal Rumble.

    Punk vs Bryan for the unified strap at Mania 30. Kicking off the next decade and officially crowning the two top stars. It's going to be HUGE.


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  2. I'm personally thinking the double main event (well, triple if you count Taker/Lesnar) will definitely be one of these three things:

    A. Cena is handpicked by Vince to face Triple H while Orton defends the Title against Punk and Bryan in a triple threat match.

    B. CM Punk is handpicked by Vince to face Triple H while Orton defends the Title against Bryan and Cena in a triple threat match.

    C. Daniel Bryan is handpicked by Vince to face Triple H while Orton defends the Title against Cena and Punk in a triple threat match.

    You could really make an argument for all three IMO. Whichever ends up happening, I'm certain that Hulk Hogan's role at Wrestlemania XXX as well as leading up to the event will be either standing in the corner of whoever is defending McMahon or being the special referee for the match. It makes since when you consider that Hogan is tied to how it all first began for McMahon and the WWF in the 80's during the Expansion Era, and now he's here at the big 30th Wrestlemania (an event that he made into a spectacle) to see for himself how the future of the company will end up being dictated. And then when either Cena, Punk or Bryan wins, I could see Hogan raising one of his arms in victory while Vince raised the other. Cue the pyro and fireworks going off and the confetti raining down from the ceiling and shit. That would be quite an iconic image for Wrestlemania XXX.
  3. Cena wins the Unified Match, Faces Orton in his rematch and based on Bryan's "I am next in line for the title" promo on Smackdown Bryan wins the Rumble in a shock win, The Corporation through every obstacle in his way and he faces someone from the Corporation at EC for his Mania Main Event match, he overcomes the odds and faces Cena at Mania.
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