WrestleMania 'Mania Matches for People Not "Kayfabed" into a Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. I want you all to put together matches that don't require people that are already gonna be facing people so no Lesnar, Taker, Cena, Wyatt Family, SHIELD, Orton, Batista, and etc.
    • Sheamus vs. Christian vs. ADR - Now, I threw in ADR since ADR vs. Sheamus is happening on Smackdown and they could easily incorporate ADR in it to steal the win. Sheamus and Christian have been going at it and my original prediction was for them to face off one on one but I was thinking might as well throw ADR into it. These 3 could easily be put into a feud that could be continuously be built on Smackdown and little segments on Raw. I could see Christian & ADR talking about how Sheamus got lucky in 2012. Christian can bring up his injury that Sheamus gave him. ADR could bring that injury up also and trigger it leading Christian into 'Mania with a bad arm. I could totally imagine Christian setting up the Killswitch and ADR hits a superkick on Christian and he does the killswitch without actually doing it himself. ADR getting that cheap win.
    • Big E Langston vs. Bad News Barrett - I really think Barrett needs to start wrestling again. I don't know if I'm the only one but I'm getting kind of tired of Big E. He kinda bores me. Barrett becoming a 3x, is it 3?, IC Champion would be cool.
    • Big Show vs. Kane - It could be a quick thrown together match for Kane to be squashed at 'Mania. Just a quick match. Maybe they could have Show beat Kane faster than Sheamus beat DB. They could do something on the next night of Raw.
    • Team Maddox - Sheamus, Big Show, Brad Maddox, Darren Young, Cody Rhodes, Goldust vs. Team Vickie - Kane, ADR, Christian, Titus O'Neil, Ryback, Curtis Axel = Ehhhhhh, it would be SUPER awesome. Imagine Maddox rolling up Ryback for the 1,2,3. OMG

  2. You put Sheamus, Christian, ADR, Big Show and Kane twice.
  3. Now there's only one title, I'd love to see MITB return to WrestleMania. Gives the opportunity to put 6 competitors, who aren't involved in a singles/main-event feud, on the card. Imagine Cesaro vs Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus vs Del Rio vs Ziggler vs Mark Henry.

    - I assume Barrett is going to be on the card with all the TV time he's been getting. Someone will probably confront him during a BNB segment soon. I'd mark for Jericho.
    - Cesaro v Swagger is being teased. Swagger would have to stay with Zeb as heels.
    - Sheamus will be on there - Kane possibly?
    - AJ Lee defends against Emma?
    - Big E will be on the card because they're high on him and the IC belt. I've said before, Rusev would be the perfect opponent for him.
    - Tag-title match: NAO (C) v Usos v Rybaxel v Rhodes bros? Quite likely.
    - This tweet suggested we'd see Team Maddox v Team Vickie:
  4. Just for ideas. I didn't say you couldn't use the same people twice.
  5. I figure there will be some mix of Sheamus, Christian, ADR, Darren Young, Titus O'Neill, and Big Show thrown around there.

    Usos vs. NAO vs. Rybaxel for the Tag Titles would be a solid match.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the return of MITB to Mania if they're going to stop that PPV. It would work very well considering there's only one title (if that's how they're going to keep things).

    Summer Rae vs. Emma vs. AJ Lee?

    I think Barrett vs. Jericho would be epic, even though we all know Jericho would lose.

    There will be some sort of six-on-six match or battle royal somewhere to get a bunch of guys involved that wouldn't otherwise have a match (Fandango, Santino, any of the above not included in other matches).

  6. Ziggler wants to take a big boot from Hogan so book at 20 second squash between them.
  7. Bootista vs. AJ Lee.
  8. I'd have Team Maddox vs Team Vickie or something of the sort (maybe even Team Maddox/Vince vs Team Vickie/Triple H to win ownership of RAW and Smackdown) to include Christian, Del Rio, Sheamus, O'Neil, Young, Bad News Barrett, the guys who seem to be doing things but at the same time don't have good matches booked for WM30.

    A ladder match to decide the #1 contender for the IC title at the start of the show. Have guys like Ambrose, Ziggler, Sandow, Miz, Rusev, Kingston and Mysterio come out to fight with Rusev eventually winning to set up his own fight with Big E later that night. Ambrose could be there because he wants the glory of being the mid-card king and doesn't show up to help Reigns and Rollins in their own match...

    against Harper and Rowan. They could have a TLC match where Bray comes out but Cena stops him from interfering, but Harper and Rowan still win. This could set up the breakup of the Shield, as Reigns and Rollins call out Ambrose for not helping them at EC and at WM30 and for trying to go for glory instead of justice - Reigns and Ambrose are ready to fight when Rollins, usually the peacemaker, decides he's just pissed off and wants to be the man with the spotlight for once; this sets up Ambrose vs Reigns vs Rollins for the US title at Extreme Rules.

    The New Age Outlaws will definitely fight for the title against the Usos at the very least, but I thought they should add The Real Americans and Los Matadores to the match where The Usos finally get their big WM moment and they begin their tag team title reign. Cesaro and Swagger argue, to the point that a feud for Extreme Rules is set up.

    Cody and Goldust, if not in the tag team title match, will most likely have a great match as they've always wanted one. I've gotten the vibe that we'll see the Real Americans split up before the Brotherhood does though - so maybe switch them around.

    Bo Dallas should be in a match too, as I've heard the reports of letting two NXT guys fight - so have him fight Chris Jericho, who gets the win. Yes... YES... YES!
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  9. lmao team maddox and BNB having a wm match. Good one.

    Jericho vs Chris Benoit.
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  10. Who? :troll:

  11. Anything with Fandango so he can go 2-0! Also something that splits the Shield up!
  12. Fandango vs. Y2J at every 'Mania from now on.
    Fandango vs. Y2J II
    Fandango vs. Y2J III
    Fandango vs. Y2J IV
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  13. Also, that tweet was for a snowflake making contest between the two that Santino judged :emoji_cry:
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