Mankind vs Dude Love vs Cactus Jack

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  1. Who would you guys book to win if this were possible?
  2. Depends. Dude is by far the smartest of the faces of Foley. But Cactus is ruthless and Mankind doesn't know when to stay down. Mankind could just as well win on pure will and endurance whilst Cactus would be the most willing to use brute force to get his way.
  3. Cactus! Dude Love would chicken out at a crucial moment and Cactus would lay out Mankind with some horrific spot involving a lot of blood and pain and thumbtacks. I'd love for Mankind to win, but Mankind was always at his best when he took a beating and lost. He makes getting brutalized look cool.
  4. Draw, Dude would get destroyed by both of them & then Cactus & Mankind will go untill their either both dead or unconscious.
  5. Pretty much how Foley explained it. Mankind and Cactus Jack are similar in that they're both fearless towards pain and even love it and get off on it to a large extent. Let them kill each other and then let Dude Love swoop in and finish off whatever piece of them is left standing.
  6. If I had my choice of the three I would put over/push Dude Love.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  7. Foley said it, Dude is really clever and would hide or something and when the other two are almost over he'd come up and beat them. I wouldn't really like that to happen because my favorite was Mankind but it's the most probable option
  8. Cactus would struggle in this era with the lack of hardcore matches. Mankind was everyones favourite underdog ala Rocky. But Dude would just edge it for me with his smarts.

    If it was a old school HIAC however I would change my vote to Cactus.
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