Maria Kanellis Disgusted With Response To Groping Incident

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  1. As reported earlier, Maria Kanellis voiced her displeasure with being groped by a spectator at Saturday’s Ring of Honor Best in the World 2012 event in New York City, writing on Twitter: “Thank you New York for coming to see Mike Bennett and myself. But the guy in the front row that grabbed my bum, I will have you thrown out next time. You are a pervert!!

    “I am not to be touched, ever, by a fan weather I am working or not. It’s gross. I am not a toy. You pay to watch, so watch. Don’t touch. The only person that can touch is Mike Bennett. From now on you will get thrown out. thank you…”
    Kanellis says she is disgusted with wrestling fan comments she read online Tuesday concerning the groping incident. She tweeted: “So since Marisa Tomei played a stripper and is scantily clad in a movie that gives you the right to grab her? I don’t think so. I am a performer and so is she. Your comments disgust me on [wrestling website].”

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  2. Can't blame the fella for grabbing a bit of ass when he had the chance tbh, I understand why she is upset but still.
  3. So now we know where Big Hoss went to.
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  4. I like my women strong.
  5. I'm not sure the guy could resist it.
  6. Maria needs to understand, when you play a role people assume you are like that sometimes. She played a stripper, so he assumed she likes it. It's the guys fault, he still shouldn't be touching women like that at all, but that's also the message she sends when she accepts those roles.
  7. Lucky bastard.
  8. Can I just poimt out how many ppl reach out and slap the heels or pat the faces on the back in WWE?

    Not saying it's right but part of the viz kinda think so!
  9. That lucky bastard.
  10. Damn people, jokes are funny but that dude is lucky. IMO it should get a security throwout (not escort) and possibly a fine. Keep your hands off the entertainment, if he had hit or slapped a dude, we would all cheer at him getting his ass kicked and say "what an idiot" but because she is a girl it's ok? Not that she isnt really, really good looking but still. Just being real, every once in a while.
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