Maria Kannelis Mocks Ryback

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. Bitch.
  2. Maria, go back to ROH, where your someone's bitch
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  4. :badass:
  5. I'll bring the towel :fap:
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  6. :stfu:
  7. :damn:
  8. :crayo:
  9. So you're cheating on Lady Deathbane already?
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  10. :finger:
  11. :umad:

  12. I was being courteous, I promise :urm:

    Besides, who better to make sure a female isn't getting too wet than me?
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  13. :happy:
  14. :terry:
  15. She obviously wants the D. :tyson:Who agrees? :fap::ksi:
  16. :troll:
  17. Maria > > > Ryback
  18. Maria making fun of Ryback for reading a teleprompter is the funniest thing of all. When she became an interviewer for the WWE, the reason she was made to be an intentionally clueless, stupid interviewer was because she really was that way in real life. Rather than fire her, they made it part of her persona.
  19. Probably upset that her BF Bennett can't get a contract, while someone she deems to be a fool gets a main event spot.
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