Maria Menounos returning to WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Sep 18, 2012.

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  2. I've no idea who she is :pity:
  3. Why oh' why?
  4. She's that one "celebrity" that "wrestles" from time to time. She's the female rock pretty much, just more attractive.
  5. She actually isn't half bad by diva standards ring wise.
  6. Wasn't she like actually hurt from WM 28? She looked so weak in that match. Don't think she can wrestle anymore.
  7. She broke a rib yes
  8. they need to keep these stupid celebs out of wwe..
  9. I agree, get D'wayne outta here! :dawg:
  10. Dwayne rules.
  11. wwe need to stop trying to make themselves seem mainstream with these famous people :finger:
  12. wwe love torturing us
  13. That's a skid mark...

  14. Kelly Kelly and Maria teamed up very well at Wrestlemania 28 so its good Maria is gonna come back
  15. Fuck god no.
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  16. Idk man I think she did a pretty decent job at WM. At least she got in there and tried to do something rather than just waiting until the match was ready for a pin, you know?
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  17. As long as she wears that Bob Backlund shirt I'd like to see her back. :obama:
  18. WWE has always been celebrity friendly. It's great exposure and something they've used in the 80's when wresling was popular and even with :finger: when Mike Tyson arrived.

    As long as they aren't embarrassing the workers I am for them being around.
  19. The thing is Mike Tyson is Mainstream. Who is Maria Menounos?
    Some host on E!
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