Mario Ballotelli appreciation thread.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    Mario posing with an AC Milan shirt whilst under contract at bitter rivals inter.​

    I know there are alot of Manchester United fans on here including one of the chairman, Crayo but is there anyone else who can't help but love this maverick millionaire? I'm not even a fan of City, although I do like they're breaking up the status quo along with Tottenham but I can't help but love his ability on the pitch and his antics off it. Examples include wearing an AC Milan shirt whilst playing for bitter rivals Inter, responding to a policeman's questioning of why he has £5000 in his pocket with "because I'm rich", spending £1000 at a local Manchester pub for the patrons, handing over £200 to a local church and setting off fireworks in his bathroom days before becoming an advocate for firework safety.

    A few video examples of his comedic mishaps include struggling to put a bib on during a warm up :

    Admitting he's had a shit season after City's FA cup final victory :

    And deliberately scoring with his shoulder:

    One more question to ask wweforums ​
  2. Haha I despise Manchester City but I love that guy. He shakes things up. There's plenty of other things he's done, I think he got drunk at 1am before a match the next day before. He set his own house on fire accidently, got into a fight with Michah Richards (an absolute beast) on the training field because he didn't pass to Mario and his sports car was smashed up wasn't it?
  3. I don't even know what this thread is about @[seabs].
  4. It's a footballer (soccer, god I hate that word) who plays for Manchester City. He's basically does some random awesome stuff. He's become a meme for fans of the english premier league.
  5. Lol he's hilarious.
  6. Oh, I see. So, he's just about as hilarious as my random RKO's on @[Crayo]?
  7. Nothing is as hilarious as that :biggrin: .
  8. @[Crayo] probably has pixelated brain damage now. I've hit him with so many already, @[seabs].
  9. @[Crayo]

    He crashed his Audi R8 V10, god that's a beautiful car.

  10. Lmao.

    He also flew to Italy when he had 2 days off, crashed a press-conference just so he can meet the new manager of Inter Milan.


    Also got a stupid red card last week too haha.
  11. Yeah he stepped on Song's knee right..
  12. Yeah but he didn't get carded for that. It was 2 other tackles, lol.
  13. Saw them. A few months ago he went to a strip club till 3am, had a match 14.00 pm or so lol.
  14. He also banged that bird who Rooney shacked up with.
  15. No that prostitute I've forgotten her name.
  16. Melissa Castagnoli?

    :laugh: [​IMG] :laugh:

    This one, he apparently went for Rooney's cousin as well :laugh:
  18. He's such a beast. :boss:
  19. [​IMG]