Mario Gomez Ballon d'Or winner 2012?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. It's time a German player wins a Ballon d'Or again and the best player to receive that ball is the best striker in the world, King "Super Mario" Gomez.

    But we all know a midget from Argentina is gonna win it #LOL
  3. Naa IMO Messi is the best player on the planet imo. Gomez is a good / great striker in a poor league tbh. Messi and CR7 have shown class in a more difficult league.


    Ozil is a better shout.
  4. Ozil definitely should be in the shortlist. I'm not sure if it's a rule to have the short list at 3 people only, if it is, then we'll continue to see Messi, Ronaldo and Xavi.
  5. Good striker, but not the best. Plus, he ain't 'Super Mario'.

    Super Mario is Mario Balotelli. This man: :laugh: :boss:

  6. Why laughing? If he wins the Euro 2012 and scores the most goals in the tournament then I definitely think that he should be the best considering Messi hasn't won anything noteworthy this year (No CL, No League).

    Ronaldo or Gomez - Messi should gtfo.
  7. At club level Gomez didn't win anything did he ( not too up to date on the domestic game there), surely Super Mario Balloteli or Drogba should win it if we're judging on trophy count. One won the league, the other won the CL.


    Also being the top scorer in the euros won't win it him out right.
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  9. Btw Ziggles, Messi has scored 83 goals this season. Mario has scored 40 something. Messi plays in one of the hardest leagues in the world. Mario plays in a pish league in terms of quality. Messi > Gomez in every single way.
  10. Gomez is a good player that plays with great teams. He is nowhere near the best anything
  11. What you've got to give Gomez is he's got a great goalscorers instinct, he's a box player and a very good one from what I've seen.
  12. Very good. He reminds me sort of of Berbatov. He doesn't move like the Rooney's, Messi's and Hernandez's of the world, but when the ball is in the box he comes alive. He needs to leave Bayern and see how well he ends up at a different club. Dzeko is an identical type player to Gomez and was fucking awesome outside of the PL. He moves to PL and flops. It's a much quicker and tougher game outside of Bundesliga, Gomez couldn't dominate the likes of Vidic, Ferdinand, Kompany, Shawcross, Huth, King, Toure etc imo. So he'd have to adapt his game.