Mark Henry and the WWE Championship

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Is it possible because of #WWELogic and :vince: ?

    I'd love to see him with the belt and all, it would be a great HOP reign for him and the fans..
    And he would be the first African-American wrestler to win the belt.

    Your thoughts?
  2. I agree with you.

    I've said this before, but I think when Henry and Cena meet for the first time, they should have Henry win the title somehow and then put Cena on the shelf. I know this won't happen since they're not gonna take Cena off the show but maybe it could only be for a couple of weeks and then when he gets back, he ends up sidetracked in a feud with someone else while trying to become #1 contender again. Henry dominates for a few months and then Cena gets another shot and finally gets his big comeback victory against Henry to reclaim the title. Or in a separate twist, Ryback is the one who defeats Henry instead to win the belt.

    Either way, it'd be great to see Henry win the title and add his name to the long list that includes Bruno and Hogan and Austin and Rock and the others. And being the first black WWF/E Champion (Bad News Brown was supposed to get that honor back in the day, but Vince fucked him) would be an accomplishment for Henry.
  3. DUDE ROCK WAS THE 1ST BLACK WWE CHAMPION! And before u said he hawaii he half black from his dad side! SO YES THAT STILL COUNTS!
  4. Maybe, but he was mostly Samoan. When you looked at him, you saw a Samoan more than a black guy. Mark Henry is pure black.
  5. it does mader as the rock said Rocky Johnson is his father and he was black that make the rock half black which mean he was the 1st black wwe champion. Wether thing it count or not it still does count. Just b/c some look more 1 then the other does not me there not the other half as well. People said President Barack Obama is all black and he is not he half black and half white as his mom was white. I sick of people injore this fact.
  6. Didn't know that about Obama's mom. :dawg:

    I still stand by what I said. Have the WWE ever referred to him on-screen as the first black WWE Champion, though? I don't recall them doing so.
  7. dude he was on the NOD! Which was and African-American group! The Rock is the 1st African-American WWE Champion! Weather wwe hurt it or not!
  8. :pipebomb: WWE said it in here!
  9. I'd love it. I have a hard time seeing it take place but I'd mark out hard and love it.
  10. After 15+ years, I still can not stand Mark Henry. He has no redeeming qualities and I've seen him live...guess what? He botched -.-
  11. You're right! Everybody in NOD was black!
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    Mark Henry should become a WWE champion. He has been loyal to the company, been through so much with WWE since day 1, is a very entertaining character, and I believe he could have a great reign.
  12. :lol1: Owen was ownly in it at the end of NOD and it was b/c of just that it was coming to end! So there burying it! B/c Rock was going turn face for a short time. so he could turn heel again to join up with :vince:! But Threw out 1997 when it was over it was all blacks! And Rock was 1st Black WWE Champion plain and sample!
  13. Eeyup just a bunch of black people....
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    [​IMG] Damn he's black!

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    [​IMG] Very black!

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    [​IMG] The darkness is blinding me!
  14. U know I am right!
  15. :obama:
  16. I think the match is going to be a Rock/Cena or a Cena/Ryback, maybe for the next PPV
  17. I HOPE TO HELL NOT! Maybe The Rock but i would not like that either b/c I The Rock to beat Cena ass!
  18. I'd love to see it, but I don't think it's going to happen. Ever. :downer:
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