Mark Henry at TLC?

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  1. The official Facebook page for the Barclays Center announced today that Mark Henry will be signing autographs at the Brooklyn Nets game this Friday. The post also includes THIS link to the event page for Sunday's pay-per-view with the text reading, "Come see Mark Henry at WWE's Tables, Ladders and Chairs this Sunday."

  2. Oh my days after his tweet about The Shield would mark out if The Shield interfered and Henry came out and just started a brawl with them.
  3. I really want to see Henry, I just hope he doesn't return as a face.
  4. More rawr I'm big and angry promo's.....
  5. Have Henry return, take out Ryback, and have that super-feud start, which means Shield doesn't have to be buried.
  6. Henry/Ryback sounds good on paper, but I don't think they'd match up well in the ring.
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    Yeah this, not convinced Ryback can work a solid match with him either.
  8. Sheamus beats Show....

    Mark Henry interrupts Sheamus celebration and hit the WSS on a steel chair, then Dolph cashs in and win....

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    No offense but this sounds hideous imo, if you have to book Henry in a feud he needs to be with a great technician as he offers so little in the ring not a limited worker like Sheamus. Having him attack ADR and Ricardo post match for his face turn is a big improvement imo.
  10. Well I didn't even think about post- TLC tbh....LOL

    I also think a feud between Henry and Sheamus would be boring as hell, but I just want this to happen for the pleasure of the moment. LOL

    But they can still not book a direct feud between the 2, for example they can book a 4 way feud for the WH title leading to a Fatal 4 way match at RR....
  11. This. Even though Ryback/Henry would probably be bad, let's remember Show vs Sheamus. Everyone complained about Sheamus burying and dominating everyone, then came Show, we all cringed at it but it turned out to be a good match and good booking (the part where they were evenly matched and the match was unpredictable). Now, I reckon Henry/Ryback may very well suck in the ring, but having Henry dominating Ryback for some time would be great, and Ryback winning with Shell Shocked in the end... awesome. I'm up for it.
  12. :yay: Does that mean he'll be at TLC? I mean.. YAY! HE'LL BE AT TLC!
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