Mark Henry hall of pain vs Big Show hall of pain

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  1. Where is mark henry anyway? It looks like Big Show is taking over with the hall of pain thing
  2. It doesn't really matter to me whether they use Big Show or Mark Henry as a monster sort of heel. They're both large guys who are limited in the ring and neither is the best talker. At least Show has the advantage of being taller/bigger and thus more physically dominating and able to throw people around like rag dolls more. Just see the end of Raw for example.
  3. I find Big Show to be a great talker, especially when compared to Henry
  4. Henry is such a better heel it's unbelievable. Henry > Show every day of the week.
  5. Did that not have a feud already? I said we keep from vs. 1 another again!
  6. The topic isn't that Show and Henry should feud Randy. It's which one of them that does the evil destructive giant man thing better.

    On topic: Henry is so much better since he is much more entertaining then Big Show.
  7. Both are horrible but Henry wins due to when he smiles it makes me laugh.

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  8. Henry was better.
  9. Henry is currently injured, I think. And I preferred him as the monster heel, he played that role extremely well, better than Show in my opinion. Him screaming on the mic and trash talking during his matches was priceless.
  10. He didn't play it 'extremely well' that's overrating it. He played it well. To play it extremely well would mean he should have won an emmy/grammy for it. :obama:
  11. Sorry if I expressed myself in a misleading manner. But I enjoyed his work as a monster heel a lot.
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