Mark Henry injured... oh and it isn't serious.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. Idk just want a new thread in here that isn't BLFFL. Wonder if that's why there was so much Big Show focus?
  2. Likely. They were most likely setting up something for Show to do if Henry was out long term since he was already established as part of the feud. Now we'll wait and see if they stick with the current path or let Show and Henry re-team up.
  3. Yeah, that sounds about right. But it seems odd just having Big Show go from so much build and so much sympathy just to get thrown in a tag match... although seeing the pairing between he and Henry would be a lot more fun after that tbh. Show could cry again, and Henry could yell in his ear and say "He can't fire you! Show him what you made of" and stuff like that... And if it looks like it's "careless monster and gentle giant" paired up instead of "two big guys we don't know what to do with" that's great character development.
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  4. "I ain't walk out here with a torn hamstring to watch you act like a bitch, giant up!"
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  5. Very happy to know Henry is alright.
  6. Not really a fan of either, but, I would much rather have Henry than Big Slow. No matter what storyline Show is in, no one seems to give a shit about him. Heel, face, no one cares, he's boring as fuck. Henry is a beast, I actually don't mind him at all when he's a heel. Face...ehhh, can't really erase the old Sexual Chocolate.

  7. I think this is a pretty good idea. The idea of Henry returning to get Show pumped up to destroy Rollins and Reigns for the Tag Titles is a terrific use of those two veterans. Plus, it further builds up the tag division because (1) if Rollins and Reigns beat Show/Henry for the titles (both of those guys having won world titles in WWE), they must be a pretty badass tag team or (2) if Show/Henry beats Rollins and Reigns for the titles, it's going to take a pretty solid tag team to take the belts off of them.

    Everybody wins.

  8. Hopefully they forget he was ever a face and he returns heel.
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  9. I think the character was still good as face, he didn't really change much aside from targeting heels
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  10. He was being all bro with the Usos which I found cringeworthy for Henry.
  11. Pretty sure he wasn't as open to it at first and that was something that developed over time
  12. Henry > Show

  13. Wait, Who's gonna face the shield if not Show and Henry?

  14. The Prime Time Players?

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  15. I guess the ratings are safe now Mark Henry is ok
  16. Glad Henry is ok. Hope he returns soon!
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