Mark Henry Injured.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Guy can't catch a break.
  2. God that sounds horrid.

    It's a shame for Henry but he's always been injury prone and he is getting old in wrestling terms now so it's kind of expected.
  3. Yeah i watched Smackdown and was like WTF? When Mark Henry suddenly fell on the mat, too bad and i feel very sad for him.
  4. So he won't be in the match this Sunday??
  5. "Like he had been shot in the thigh," oh just cause he black he needs to get shot.
  6. Doubt he'll be in the match, but you never know. Royal Rumble matches aren't that hard for the big guys.

    @[seabs], yeah, Henry & Show been in the WHC scene now for around 4 months? Need to end this at the rumble and move the Barret/Orton feud which is fantastic atm to the main event with Bryan for the title. Bryan isn't really fully heel yet, he's doing something similar to Johnny Ace.
  7. Wasn't he booked for the cage match with Show and Bryan? A triple threat of Bryan, Wade and Orton would be epic. How could it happen though? Orton winning the rumble, Wade winning at EC and Bryan wanting his rematch?
  8. Yeah forgot about that, wow. I wonder how they'll book him out of it then.

    I guess that's the most probable solution, would still prefer Jericho to win the Rumble which I think will happen. But I can't see Show and Henry still going for the WHC at Mania' surely? Ugh.
  9. I hope not but they may do it as Big Show and Marks big send off kind of deal. Which would be a sacrifice for the greater good of having both of them off my tv for ever more. I'm starting to think the only reason Bryan won the MITB was to carry these two to watchable matches.
  10. Lmao it probably was to begin with, but now he's Mr Viewership I'm hoping he's a serious main eventer. Use these old giants to put him over big time.
  11. Hyper-extending is what Sin Cara did, I believe?
    He's out for 6-9 months :emoji_hushed:
  12. Hyper extending is so painful, it can come at stupid times too. For example, someone puts a cross in the box (football/soccer), you reach your leg out to block it, suddenly the body is like "Oh crap extended too far, MUST CAUSE SEVERE PAIN". It can keep you out as long as a broken leg can.
  13. I watched SD a couple of hours ago and saw it happen. It didn't look good...
  14. Damn, one of the main reasons I continued to watch Smackdown live recently is because of Mark Henry.
  15. Same. The guy is so entertaining as the big monster heel.
  16. His mic skills are great too, sadly he had to drop the Championship early due to a groin injury.
  17. I don't understand it though. Sure, drop the title off if he's injured, don't actually make him appear every week anyway and get buried by Big Show. Every. Week. And go from monster to coward heel instantly.
  18. I seem to be the only person who doesn't get the Mark Henry love. He's dull in the ring and on the mic to me. Sure he's had good booking but that seems to be it.
  19. That's what I'm hating now. I liked the fact that he was a dominating heel, but now he seems to be a coward which is slightly sad to see as he went from destroying anything and anyone to running away from a crying giant.
  20. It's his presence. He's a monster heel who can make me laugh. His commentary on SmackDown was funny as! His segments are great. But mainly it's his presence, soon as his music hits it's just epic. You can legitimately be intimidated by him.