Mark Henry is the greatest human being alive

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Red Rain, Nov 3, 2014.

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  1. Please, please if there is any justice in the world Mark Henry will never be a babyface again.
    Stop making Mark Henry smile. Stop making him noble.
    When Henry is angry, fools get hurt. When Henry is angry, people get broken in two
    Big Show is such a p*ssy.
    They should pay a guy in the back to intentionally p*ss Mark Henry off.
    Every time Mark Henry gets angry, a child is born... and a kitten is saved from sure death

    Literally the funniest f*cking sh*t I've ever seen in my life. Tears.

    Mark Henry chasing the Nexus. Only. Mark. Henry

    "If you saw me in the street, I promise you, you would not look at me cross cause you know that I will break yo face wide open."
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  2. Mark is a beast i can see him with team Authority and Rusev too on the other hand u have Big Show and after this main event i think im not bad mouthing anyone but i think orton will join cena but i might be wrong
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  3. I apologize if this sounds insensitive but I hope Henry eliminates Big Show's worthless a**.
    Henry can literally eat the Uso's for breakfast, re-gurgitate them and feed them to Rusev.... cause that's what Silverbacks do (actually its what retarded birds do).
    Then again, its likely the Uso's won't make it anyway, which more sense that Mark Henry will actually eat the Uso's and allow my prophecy to come to fruition.
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  4. i agree i was just throwing that in there about big show and u have a point about jimmy and jay
  5. it was a matter of time B4 Henry truned on big show :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. "Somebody's gonna get they ass kicked. Somebody's gonna get their wig split."

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  7. Mark Henry just looks so joyful when puts people in intense pain.
    Why rob him of that? WWE should be ashamed.
    Mark Henry doing the 'right thing' got so bad that he ended up teaming with the biggest piece trash walking the face of the earth.
    I'm glad he split Show's wig open. It serves Show right for being such a p*ssy in the first place.
    That sh*thead cried last night reminiscing over having Henry over at his house and eating in his what a p*ssy.....lololol.

    I slept well last night. All the p*ssing and moaning Show has done finally resulted in getting his back cracked. Bless you, Mark Henry. Bless you and your children.
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  8. Heel Henry is amazing. Simply amazing. I remember the (recent) golden days of SD in 2011 when Henry turned and was just a complete beast. It's almost a crime that he never got to hold the big belt and probably never will, but oh well. At least he's a heel again and we can enjoy his greatness until he gets hurt. I wouldn't have had Show kick out of the WSS, that was complete BS, but watching heel Henry is joy. Pure joy.
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  9. Heel Mark Henry is fantastic. Babyface Henry made me wanna vomit. Babyface Henry is a neutered Mark Henry.

    Can't wait to see him on Team Authority, along with Rusev and the fifth member which I'm hoping to be HHH. Or they'll just throw Wyatt and Ambrose in those teams to fill the gap.
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  10. This entire video is funny, particularly at 2:40 in.... "Mark Henry exploded into the champion"..... Gross.

    I like the part at the end when he rips the steel cage door off, picks it up and tried to insert into the ring horizontally, as if it would fit.
    He didn't think that turning it vertically or at an an angle would be more scientifically sound.
    Mark Henry is ace.
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  11. Hahaha, what a boss
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  12. I must have watched those videos 20 times too funny LOL
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  13. its true friend
  14. He can work as a face if they keep him the same as heel, outside the bad shit.
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