Mark Henry Retirement Confirmed

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Such a shame to see him go! He has improved so much in the last few years, Hopefully he will get a good crowd reaction #ThankYouMark
  2. Make him a manager or bodyguard or something if he can't wrestle anymore. he is too entertaining to just go away.

    really hope he gets one last feud before he goes.
  3. Its a shame he had such a good WHC run but then got injured and just was a nightmare time for him. Would of liked a short wwe title run. He should do color commentary imo.
  4. Someone get the script on the line. I demand a remix of their "Hall of fame" song called "Hall of Pain"
  5. "Lying in the hall of pain, WHole world laughing at your pain"
  6. You don't rhyme pain with pain.
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  7. I was stumped for ideas okay :upset:
  8. If this is true I hope the crowd tonight is a good one. If it consists of goons trying to "what!?" Mark Henry's retirement the hall of pain is going to get a lot more members.
  9. It's quite sad to know no-one else will be inducted into the Hall of Pain,I would've loved to see Enzo Amore get inducted.
  10. Pretty sure Mason Ryan took care of that.

    Enzo will shine later on. Dude is hilarious.
  11. Something tells me this is just a heel trick. I know he was rumoured to turn face but they like to swerve us.. no way would he announce that on Twitter.
  12. Unless it's a ploy to get more viewers.

  13. The Jersey Shore gimmick is just outdated and overused in my opinion.
    I guess the dude does play a good heel though because I sure don't like him.
  14. Amore doesn't use a Jersey Shore gimmick. Amore's is more arrogant Italian douchebag than the stereotypical Jersey Shore Robbie E/Zack Ryder gimmick.
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  15. i got told that he have got a injury problem that is y he is going i new he was going some time this yer but did ant no when but it looks like i do now thanks for the up date but will he go thou we will have to see to night

  16. I could've sworn that he was billed from the Jersey Shore the last time I saw him get squashed.
  17. He's billed from Jersey but not the shore as far as I know. He's teaming with Colin Cassadey who is billed from Queens so they are a New York state attitude inspired team.
    And being from the Jersey Shore doesn't necessarily mean he's a Jersey Bro. There would be a lot more fake tan involved if that was the case.
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