Mark Henry Retiring Next Year?

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  1. Mark Henry On Possibly Retiring At WrestleMania 32, Motivating Indian Athletes, His WWE Career -

    Since Wrestlemania 32 is in his hometown of Dallas, he could win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal (by eliminating the Big Show last, since he'll be the biggest guy in the match and was this year's winner and all) next year as his swan song. Would make for a nice feel-good moment to start the show.
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  2. Do we really want Big Show in the final two of that battle royal three years in a row?
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  3. Your retirement speech ain't gonna fool me again, Mark!

    Damn, speaking of it, that segment was one of the best segments in 2013.

    He's been booked poorly since that feud with Cena, so yeah, retiring might be the best option right now.
  4. ...Yes?

    To be fair, he IS the biggest guy in the match, and it makes a nice homage to Andre (who was known as "The King Of Battle Royals") to have the Big Show as the toughest guy in the match to eliminate.
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  5. Can't say I agree. Big Show is just boring to watch and has been for a very long time. The less I see of him the better. I'd much rather see Henry, if he is to win it, duke it out with someone fresher, Strowman is up there in size and it would make for an interesting test of strength with both men being legitimate powerlifters.

    Ideally if Henry is going out at mania I'd have him in a singles match. Challenge for one of the midcard belts, lose, leave the boots in the ring. The traditional way.
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  6. Depends on how stacked the card is next year. With how they're going all out to make this the biggest Wrestlemania of all time, I don't see much room for Henry in a singles match of his own unless they make this a one-time only 5-hour edition of Wrestlemania (like they did with Summerslam being four hours this year), but five hours is a bit much for any live event (technically six hours actually when you factor in the pre-show.)
  7. I stand by my opinion that I have zero interest in Henry winning the battle royal. If he is going to retire the dude will want a retirement match one on one or in a team with someone he has history with. Like how Flair asked Shawn to take him out, or how Shawn wanted it to be Taker. Not some battle royal, which is supposed to highlight up and comers to begin with, not old veterans.
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  8. I'm alright with it now. Back in 2011 we didn't have many new stars in that main event role, so it was a nice run. I'm alright if he retires now. Good career.
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  9. Henry vs. The Big Show is so half-ass now. I mean they've had about 100 matches together, and even a World title feud. I liked Henry as a heel with the Hall of Pain gimmick on SmackDown back in 2011, but he hasn't been much other than a guy who promotes the shows. I liked his retirement speech angle, and after that poorly developed feud ended, he hasn't been the least bit interesting or entertaining. And I don't think winning the Battle Royal would be a good idea, for a guy who won't capitalize on the effects of beating 30 other guys at WrestleMania.
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  10. Dang, his legit retirement though? Just making sure because I remember that one time and that was fucking SWERVE. But seriously, salute to the Big Man, despite being a face/heel turn frequent right under Big Show and just being a person to job and put people over recently, he's been around a long time, respect.
  11. Mark Henry Says He's Retiring Soon, Talks About Who He Wants To End His Career, More

    I'd be down with this.
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  12. Makes me feel old to see Henry is leaving as well. Though, I hope he does go out with a match, one on one. Whether he wins or loses, it just seems fitting. The dude had a good career, not the best, and the past few years could have been better, but I'm glad I can say I was around to see Henry.
  13. I wish we could have seen more of the "Hall of Pain" version of Mark Henry than we did, including a WWE Championship run in there somewhere, but alas, he had a good career.
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  14. One of my favorite incarnations of Mark Henry was of his 2005 return. He attacked Batista in the Cage and 'injured' him. I was scared shitless from the guy. He was a great monster heel and as the protector of MNM, it worked just great.

    My favorite incarnation is Hall of Pain. His 2011 run in SmackDown, it was the greatest booking I've seen ever seen SmackDown do. They got a guy who was made into a joke and made him a legit, over, heel champion. His feud with Daniel Bryan and The Big Show was the SmackDown feud of the year, imo. It was just magic.

    As for his retirement. I think he should be given a long 10-15 minutes in the ring, and really let him loose. Give him the opportunity to bust out moves, never before seen. Have him put on a match that would leave a lasting impression, whether it be against Daniel Bryan or someone else.
  15. Given the fact Henry was so green coming into pro wrestling he has had, yes, a hall of fame career. I think the tale of end of his career really showed that you can have longevity in pro wrestling if you take care of your body and reinvent yourself. that Hall of Pain run was really fun. Just my opinion..