Mark Henry signs three year deal with WWE

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    Props to Alkaline for finding this first. Mark, himself reveals toward the end he's re-signed with the company for three more years... skip to to 54:30
  2. He'll probably spend a combined year and a half of that out with injuries.
  3. lol @ Mark Henry actually having to wrestle to be a f***ing beast
  4. Sumbuddy gon get dere ass kicked
  5. Great to know.
  6. fuck off.
  7. I'll wreck you m8
  8. It's nice that he's been signed for another three years! I'm really happy about that :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. try it son, ive got all night.
  10. Chris Sabin, new champ
  11. bet on it, ill own your sig.
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  12. 5 year sig bet
  13. Mark "ratings" Henry with WWE for another 3 years well Vince can relax now that the ratings will be ok for the next 3 years
  14. lol just realized its friday, was looking for spoilers. Ill pass on the bet before you can say yes.
  15. I guess he wants to complete 20 years of his career first.
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