Mark Henry talks about new look and WWE return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. Mark Henry spoke to WWE about shaving his head. Henry said that his receding hairline was a factor in his decision, but also said that he felt liberated by getting rid of his hair.

    “Also, I was hinding behind it,” Henry said of his hair. “People look at me and expect one thing, and I think behind it, I was totally somebody else.”

    Henry also talkd about getting down to 405 lbs. He was admittedly vague about his return, simply stating that he will return “when the time is right.”

    “When I’m ready to come back, you’ll see my back.”

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Mark Henry looks like a bad ass with the new look
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  3. Mark Henry looks like a bad ass with the new look
  4. I'm seeing double here...........
    4 identical posts.
  5. My ass looks like Mark Henry, so bad
  6. Henry looks bad so ass Mark :terry:
  7. I can't wait to see Mark back. Somebody's gonna get their wig split.
  8. Anxiously awaiting his arrival.
  9. Henry looks great, makes me much more excited for his return for some reason.
  10. Mark Henry dressed as Rick Ross
  11. Henry looks like even more of a badass now. I can't wait for him to return.
  12. I love Henry but i can't bring myself to get hyped for another return when I know it won't get him any sort of real push and he will be gone again with a new injury within a month or so.
  13. If anything else he can always moonlight as a more boss Rick Ross
  14. i think with his new look he'll get one hell of a long as they dont turn it into a big joke
  15. Shaving his head? Horrible Idea. Someone tell him to cut a solid 100lbs and remind him he will still be stronger than most people ffs. .

    I dont even care if he doesn't change, it's time for his rematch with Cena for that amazing promo he shot
  16. Mark Henry looks like a badass.

    Of course, Mark Henry has looked like a badass since he was on the 40 Acres.

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