Mark Henry talks retirement and greatest wrestlers of all time.

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  1. Mark Henry is such a boss.

    Source. PWmania
  2. Jonah and the whale, swallowed whole.
  3. So Henry says Rock is GOAT. And WWeforums don't even make him #3.
  4. He said Andre was the GOAT and Hogan/Rock/Taker came after that.
  5. Did he mention Austin?
  6. Why don't you just listen to the entire thing? :dafuq:
  7. I love the sound of a new lean and fit Henry. If he comes back 30 lbs lighter he is going to be even more awesome.
  8. So he really is the world's strongest man with 905 drug free?
  9. He holds legitimate world records in power lifting, yes.
  10. Henry returns, kills show, 5 month reign. Sounds good to me. Ratings will be in the 5.0's :boss1:
  11. I would hire Henry as a bodygaurd.
  12. I'd love to see Henry flip a car onto Big Show and just leaving him there. Crying like a baby.
  13. Henry returns, fatal 4 way for the #1 contender-ship of the WHC, gorilla presses Ryback, gorilla presses Tensai over the rope, world's strongest slam on Show, squashes Sheamus in 12 seconds, challenges Punk to unify the titles, beats him senseless until the ref is forced to stop the match to protect the unconscious CM Punk, and then Henry injures his knee and the push is a waste.
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  14. #wwelucklogic?
  15. Henry is awesome, I hope to see him back as soon as possible.
  16. One last world title run. ONE. MORE.
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  17. Henry needs to get the title off that boy Sheamus and dominate. :gusta:
  18. Shaemus is the future Super Cena. So sadly, that might not happen.
  19. I know :((

    But one can dream.
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