Mark Henry's new look

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Sup Kimbo
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  3. Don't they call that the 'cueball' effect?
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  4. Looks good.
  5. Shave the beard and he'll look funny as fuck.
  6. They call me big meech ugh LARRY OOVER
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  7. I like to think he was mid "sup" to the guy next to him there, looks better IMO. More presentable.
  8. I was never a fan of the shit locks.
  9. Looks badass. Too bad he's a babyface. Any chance he returns as a heel and that brief period as a face is just ignored?
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  10. Wouldn't be the first time, he's ideal as the corporations hired gun to take out Show too.
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  11. We can always hope.
  12. Looks kinda comical imo, which is just fine since you know if you laugh at him he'll grab you with one hand and lazily chuck you into your TV
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  13. He looks more badass
  14. It looks badass, in my opinion. Doesn't feel like a face look, though. Hopefully he comes back as a heel.
  15. I could see this setting up a Bryan/Show match pretty well. Henry comes in and smashes the shit out of Show's knee and takes him out of action for awhile. Henry could cut a promo saying that just because Big Show is the world's largest athlete doesn't mean he's the most dangerous. Then he could warn Bryan and say that if he can put a guy the size of Big Show down that easily, just imagine what he can do to someone the size of him.
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  16. He looks much better without his locks. I hope we'll see him back on TV soon.
  17. This is why I make it my policy not to laugh at Mark Henry, even when he calls himself "Sexual Chocolate".

    On the other hand, this pic makes me think of the recent Sheamus pic (sans beard) and makes me wonder if these two guys won't come back as part of the Authority, siding with HHH to go against Bryan, Big Show, etc.

  18. That's how my Franklin looks in GTA5
  19. It's what Franklin's voice actor looks like as well.
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