Mark out moments of 2011

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Simple. Post the moments in 2011 that made you mark like a school girl. 0

    Going to avoid the obvious shoot promo, someone else can post that :emoji_slight_smile:.

    "I can whoop your ass backwards" dream feud right there!

    Save some for others, 1/2 videos per post :emoji_slight_smile:.

  2. This was a huge moment. I felt like a kid again as soon as his music hit.

    Seeing Punk return with his ROH theme I must admit I marked. ​
  3. Just watched those two again @[seabs] and I still get goosebumps.

  4. One word: AWESOME. My hairs in the back on my head have stood up!
  5. I'll have to go with @[seabs] on this one.
    Nothing can touch The Rock's return, not even the Shoot promo.
  6. Any others though @[CM Punk]?

    Edit: @[Saylor] completely agree!!
  7. I guess
  8. Miz was amazing in that segment.

  9. Easily my biggest mark out moment of 2011... It was really emotional seeing Christian finally win a major title in WWE.. too bad Vince shit all over all of us by having him drop the belt to ORTON of all people on a freaking Smackdown taping two days later :cry:
  10. Was equally pissed, but I'm glad he won it back in his new heel role.

  11. Great promo.​

    I can only find live version. Not my vid btw just some guys on youtube.​

    Every company has had some big mark out moments this year it seems. Stings return, Hogan hulking up and Roode's title win in TNA. ROH had the Steen "fuck ROH " promo plus his return and Davey winning the world title and PWG had Super Dragons return, the epic Steen vs Generico ladder match and Steen winning the PWG world title. Plus the Chikara Grand Championship being won by Eddie Kingston. It's been a great year for North American wrestling imo.
  12. The Rock never lost his mic skills. I swear they got better, that promo was immense.