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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by mark_htfc, Jan 28, 2014.

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    Hey guys and gals, bearing in mind I haven't watched it all yet, will probably get another hour in and then have to watch the remaining hour tomorrow night, but I will post up the review I have done so far. I have only just witnessed the Lesnar and Big Show fight (if you could call it that) so if you could only discuss everything up until the end of my review please that would be appreciated. I call it a review but seen as I never do them, it might be classed as a short one hah, anyway here goes ( I will update original post and bump the thread when I add more to it (a few fights at a time).
    First of all Renee Young, wow just wow certainly :fap::fap: material :yay:

    Now onto my review (well sort of)

    Decent start to the night with the Tag Team Championships, I certainly didn't think that it would have changed hands but then I guess it was kind of expected wasn't it? Don't really see the point of them winning it though if I am honest, I will be very surprised to see them keep it for a lengthy period of time, will be interesting though to see if they try go anywhere with this one, unlikely though, unless they are using it as a stop gap for the new Tag Team champions, using New Age Outlaws as a big name for the new champions to make a good run with the belts.

    Now onto the main PPV, wow what a first fight that was. I enjoyed the DB V Wyatt fight a hell of a lot, the fight was just unreal. I must admit, I did expect a DB win but it was certainly a very nice surprise for me. How long has this Wyatt guy been in WWE? I think if used wisely he could turn out into a good character. I was also glad when the other 2 Wyatt's was thrown out but it would have been interesting to see how the fight would have panned out had they'd have been allowed to stay. Wow though just awesome. This fight has already made me think why the hell I've had so much time off watching. I'm looking forward to looking back and seeing how the DB and Wyatt feud started though.

    Now onto Lesnar and Big Show, after a brilliant start, this was such a huge let down for me, Lesnar clearly didn't want to get in the ring with Big Show. I did want BS to win as the way Lesnar went on the attack before Big Show was even ready was just downright ridiculous. Oh well, must say that this was a massive disappointing fight, especially on the back of a brilliant one. huge F5 though. The beat down afterwards wasn't even funny either.

    Now this is one fight I am looking forward to, Randy Orton against John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship, again this is another feud I can't believe I have missed, the clips that I have seen between these two looks like it has been epic, I saw Orton attack Cena's dad, and it has certainly added more fuel to the fire for this one, my money is on Cena though. This one is certainly living up to the championship, I have absolutely no idea which way this one is going, both using each others moves against them and it's turning into a classic, Cena should have won with the tap out but at least Orton didn't get away with using the belt. One thing with Orton is he really needs to stop listening to the crowd too much, it has nearly cost him again a few times in this one. Wait a minute, just as it looks like Cena is about to get a tap out, Wyatts into appears and it goes black, this is now interesting. Wow you have got to be shitting me, I'm well pissed off with that ending. I so wanted Cena too! Does the Wyatts and Cena have a bit of history? Trying to figure out why they would come out, at first though I expected both Orton and Cena to turn on them. I didn't see that beat down coming.

    Looking back at the replay I am unsure what the Wyatts was doing, I think the look on the face appears to show that they did infact want Cena to win, but because he attacked and ended up losing, they decided to take their anger out on him. I could be way off with that one though.

    Right I'm off to bed now, I will watch the Royal Rumble after work tomorrow :emoji_slight_smile:.
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