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Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. The opening played and it had the previous themes. I was crying with joy when it happened. (Ignore Nickelback)
    Don't think I marked for anything else on RAW (Maybe when Cena said World Wrestling Federation) cause it was decent or ehn, although I laughed at Flair.


  2. Yep, brought back a lot of great memories. Looks like Hart, Austin, Cena, and HHH showed up the most. Didn't notice any HBK though :hmm:
  3. He's in the Papa Roach part.
  4. I started watching when the Nickelback bit came on, I was pretty freaked out. Looking back though it's all good.

    Show Spoiler
    but still fuck nickelback
  5. How was the show anyway? Usual dulfest or special something?

    Heard Rock and Plunk brawled, and the Job To Cena Ziggler vs. Cena main event, but anything else happened?
  6. A 7/10 Raw, could have stretched to 8/10. Nothing legendary happened but it was good and great build. First HOF:er revealed and Naitch appeared to put over two wrestlers.
  7. What did Naitch do?

    And Foley is the HOFer? Well deserved.
  8. Nothing spectacular, but a lot more watchable than usual. Though I'd just check out the Rock Concert and Cena/Ziggler match and skip everything else.
  9. Foley is the HOFer yes.

    Naitch helped really launch the Cesaro vs Miz. He put Cesaro over damn well as a heel and it helped solidify Miz as a face and gave him a rub as well. We saw elbowed sports coats galore.

    All in all it was good booking and everything was high quality. Solid show that built well for the rumble.
  10. :haha: Flair is always wild when not wrestling lol.
  11. Got to see Ric Flair elbow dropping the jacket, that was worth the entire show.
  12. :Testify: in this thread. :emoji_grin:amn:
    If you were going to watch it I would fast forward most of it.
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  13. I was marking out, too. The old themes do bring back a whole lot of memories for pro wrestling, good times.
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  14. Actually marked for the ME with DZ and Cena was well worked and made them both look good.


    Rock and Sock.
  15. The Rock and Sock segment was alright.
  16. Rock was awesome.
  17. Yeah I marked for the opneing theme as well. Nostalgia factor 101
  18. Did u mark for Rock D-Son?
  19. Marked as well..

    Don't forget Stacy..:gusta:
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