Marty Jannetty talks about breaking away from HBK in early 90's

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  1. SLAM! Wrestling has published a review of Kayfabe Commentaries’ latest release, Breaking Kayfabe with Marty Jannetty, which features the former WWE Superstar discussing his career and personal life in great detail. The shoot interview, however, is difficult to follow, according to Matthew Byer, who labels it “wildly incoherent.”

    “Despite the efforts of KC’s interviewer Sean Oliver to try and rein in Jannetty, he largely fails, and so what is left are stories that veer off wildly into unrelated or trivial tangents that make for a frustrating viewing experience,” states Byer.

    Despite his incoherency, Jannetty reveals some interesting information as he explained why he and Shawn Michaels quit WWE in late 1991 (then known as the World Wrestling Federation) just prior to Michaels kicking off his legendary singles career. Jannetty says they found out they were being paid a significantly lower amount compared to other wrestlers for a commercial, and decided to resign from the company. Jannetty indicates that Michaels expected Vince McMahon to meet their financial demands, but the plan backfired, with the organization head telling them they could leave after the Survivor Series. However, Jannetty then indicates that McMahon had no intention on parting ways with Michaels, as this was his attempt to begin their separation.

    To get the split in gear, Michaels was “accidentally” kicked in the face during a maneuver initiated by Jannetty on one of The Nasty Boys, which clipped Shawn in the face and led to his elimination at the Survivor Series. Michaels got up after being pinned and began screaming at Jannetty, blaming him for his elimination. Attempting to help settle their differences, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake invited both on his interview segment “The Barbershop” in January 1992. Infamously, Michaels severed his partnership with Jannetty by smashing his friend’s head through a window.

    Jannetty was originally scheduled to work with Michaels in a feud that would culminate at WrestleMania VIII at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, six months of house arrest after attacking a police officer would prevent the program from happening, and Jannetty was released from the organization in March.

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Hmm I think the WWE fans at the time were so in love with the Rockers the shock of them feuding with each other that year's WM would of weird to see.I mean Shawn Michaels throwing Marty's head through the window made him a heel, but I don't think people would of gotten behind Marty that much, to gain interests from the fans.
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    Disagree. Marty had great sympy heat from the fans at the time, myself included. I was actually bummed he never got his revenge for the barbershop. Marty was a really solid worker, it's too bad he couldn't control his vices long enough to make more of his opportunity than he did.
  4. Yeah, Michaels/Jannetty would have definitely been preferable to Michaels/Matador. The break up of the Rockers had emotion to it, whereas I don't even recall what the El Matador feud was centered around. Probably just a thrown together match.
  5. So that's why that feud never had a blow off, nice. But didn't Jannety win the IC title from Michaels at some point in 93?
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