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  1. Hey, so I just downloaded the "Marvel Comics" App on my tablet, and started reading some comics. I wanted to know what comics are you interested in. If you read any, and what can you recommend?
  2. I don't really read Marvel, only like the Green Lantern stuff with John Stewart, maybe X-Men would be a good way to go?
  3. Iron Fist. Avengers.
  4. Thanks the recommendations guys.
  5. DC > MARVEL.
  6. MARVEL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DC

    Avengers, Avengers vs. X-Men, Deadpool, The Invincible Iron Man
  7. Pfft, no way.

    Anyway the new X-Men universe stuff is good. That's what I've been reading currently.
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  8. Marvel Comics - Spiderman, Captain America comics are all good, any universe. X-Men are decent als

    DC Comics are good, Jutice league are ok, but the Dark Knight always dominates DC

    Bongo Comics - Groening Is such a great dude
  9. I am not deeply disturbed.
  10. Superman
  11. Isn't Superman DC? I'm not entirely sure because I'm not a big fan of it?
  12. Yep. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  13. For DC, anything to do with the Bat Family is great. Very in-depth. Jason Todd's story gets me every time.

    Since you're into Marvel. Wolverine and Deadpool is a great series to check into, you get to learn more about them.

    I'm really into anything with Deadpool or Wolverine considering they are my favorites from Marvel, Nightwing and Batman being my favorites from DC. I really like the stories that are dark, and really make you think at the end of it all.
  14. Thanks for the post Rockstar. I like Batman, but that's the only character I really like from DC.
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