Maryse and Miz to be on next season's Total Divas

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  1. According The Wrestling Observer, WWE is making major changes to Total Divas next season as the show is currently having its lowest rated season on E!. The report notes that despite Brie Bella retiring from in-ring wrestling in WWE, she, along with Nikki Bella, will remain a focal point of Total Divas since the twins are two of the most popular characters on the show, as is Natalya.

    Next season, however, will see Mandy Rose, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes being cut from the show, and replacing them will be Renee Young, a returning Naomi, and Maryse, who just returned to WWE TV on Raw this week. Maryse being added to the Total Divas cast is the main reason why she returned as an on-air character on WWE TV, and it’s also being said the show will detail Renee Young and Dean Ambrose’s real life relationship as the two live in Las Vegas.

    Was honestly hoping they were ending this garbage show but oh well.
  2. Total Divas just lost some ratings :really:
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  3. Definitely interested in seeing Dean Ambrose behind the scenes lol.
  4. I would imagine it is something like this :

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  5. Meh, still not gonna watch.
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