Maryse has a got a new dog

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  1. Maryse has tweeted two photos of her new dog Pumpkin

    MARYSE OUELLET [email protected]

    If Flake ever comes back home, he's gonna have a lil sister ?

    MARYSE OUELLET [email protected]

    Meet Pumpkin, she is awesome!!
  2. Poor Flake.
  3. Awwww..
  4. I'll steal that one as well.
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  5. Slow news day?
  6. Actually feel sorry for the dog.
  7. Dogs are shit.

  9. Aw. I want Pumpkin. She's so adorable. <3
  10. I hate chihuahuas. Worst dog on the entire planet.
  11. Why not? :boss1:
  12. They are aggressive little shit bags who are hard to train and they have the worst case of Napoleon complex I have ever seen in a breed of dog. Plus the kind of people who stereotypically have chihuahuas do not deserve to have dogs, cats or children because they tend to be about as smart as a lump of coal.
  13. :lol1: You got a point.
  14. God I would love to be that dog, snuggled right up in between Maryse's...purses
  15. Poor thing will end up shoved in a purse.
  16. Jesus christ, I wish I could replace my dog like that. I wouldn't be able to live with my self if my lil' Leo Scoobs got hurt :upset:
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