Maryse/Miz's pet dog Flake has gone missing

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Maryse/Miz's pet dog Flake has gone missing they have both tweeted this

    MARYSE OUELLET ?@maryse0uellet

    Please if you see my dog Flake in Hollwood area, call the number thats on him thank you

    The Miz ?@mikethemiz

    Anyone in the Hollywood area my dog, Flake, has gone missing please if u find him let me or @maryse0uellet know

    ^^^ I hope they find Flake he is such a cute dog
  2. Definitely news worthy on a wrestling forum.
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  4. :dawg:
  5. Merge into the kellykelly thread with the rest of the other trash. KELLYKELLY PROBABLY IS DISTRESSED AS HELL, WHAT DO YOU THINK KELLYKELLY WILL DO TO HELP! SHE IS A HUGE HUMANITARIAN, you know.
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  6. It seems Flake escaped from the person who was looking after him as Maryse was working
  7. That thing is going to get eaten by a Crip, possibly a Blood depending on which hood it stumbled into
  8. How does that person still have a job?
  9. Hope they get the dog back but I would only look for the dog so I could get their number. Then I could prank call them.
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  10. That feel when you lose a dog ;_;

    Worst feeling in the world. I spent hours on end finding my dog a few months ago. Found him walking back to my house :bury:
  11. Lucky enough to have a stupid/awesome dog, my parents have let her out and left her outside multiple times....and she just chills back by the back of the house for some AWESOME reason, staring in like vince does to day cares that are open 24/7
  12. I love Maryse, Miz, and Flake. But come on now, please post this on the lockers. Not Wrestling News-Worthy
  13. No news on Flake poor dog
  14. It's lost in LA. If it isn't dead in traffic or a stray it has been picked up by a animal shelter.
  15. Hope my family finds him....knowing those assholes they might sell him :hmm: poor Flake. Poor poor Flake....should have hired APA :jbl: :damn:
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  16. APA are your guys for the job! :win:
  17. NO. Farooq is a traitor.. :finger:
  18. @[The GOAT Farooq]
  19. i hope doggy will come back :emoji_slight_frown: